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What CBD is Right for You and Your Condition? (Supreme Guide)

CBD is widely known to treat a lot of symptoms in recent years. As it became more popular, word spread about all the different ways CBD can help people overcome everything from work stress to cancer treatment symptoms, and it has grown like wildfire into a massive market of high-quality, life-changing products.


However, most people fail to mention one thing: There are different products that are better for different things.


That’s right. While standard CBD oil that is just CBD extract and a food-grade oil can offer the full range of benefits, there are more specialized formulas that maximize certain effects to help you achieve different wellness goals.


This large variety of formulas makes it so certain products are going to be better for certain conditions or people, and there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all option.


To help you find the perfect CBD product specifically for your needs, we’ve created this in-depth guide to the different types of formulas and product types.


Let’s dive into it.


CBD Product Types


First, the most noticeable difference you’ll see between various products is the type of product the CBD is. CBD isn’t just one thing. It can be infused into a lot of different products, and each one can be used for different effects.


Here are the most common types of CBD products and what they’re best for.




Tinctures are the most basic type of CBD product, but they’re also the most flexible. These are food-grade oils infused with CBD, and they may or may not include a flavor solution or secondary chemicals for added effects.


CBD tinctures are so flexible because they’re just oils. You can take them under the tongue directly, or you can use them to infuse other food items with CBD. This is commonly done with desserts such as ice cream to create a relaxing evening snack.


Another benefit is that tinctures are usually the most potent products a company offers, and they tend to be cost-effective due to their simplicity.


If you want a highly potent and flexible product, tinctures might be the right choice for you.




Gummies are exactly what they sound like. They’re gummy candies infused with CBD. On a per-gummy basis, these are less potent than a standard dose of oil in most cases. They’re also pre-measured. So, adjusting your dosage has to be done in increments instead of simply measuring out the exact amount you want.


CBD Gummies


However, gummies are very beginner-friendly for the same reasons. No, you can’t really infuse things with them, and you don’t have as much control over your dosage, but that makes it easier for beginners to get used to. You don’t have to worry about measuring anything, and you get to eat a simple gummy candy reminiscent of your childhood instead of a more medicine-like substance.




Capsules are just like gummies; except they’re not candies. They’re gel capsule pills that you take just like you would ibuprofen or Tylenol, and you get the same pros and cons with a more traditional delivery method.


Topical Creams:


Topical creams are salves infused with CBD. These are not eaten or otherwise consumed. Instead, they’re applied to the skin in areas that are affected by pain or inflammation.


Topical creams aren’t as good if you want some of the mood effects and other similar effects of CBD, but they’re great for muscle pain relief, arthritis relief, and inflammation relief. This makes topical cream perfect for athletes, those suffering from work-related pain, and other pain issues.


Formula Differences:


For the most part, the different product types still achieve the same effects. It’s the delivery method that changes who each one suits best. However, there’s another factor to consider; the CBD formula used.


CBD is going to provide its general effects regardless as long as you get a high-quality product that contains pure CBD. However, some products will contain various additives that are still natural and 100% safe, but they increase certain effects to create more specialized formulas.


We’re going to go over all the various secondary chemicals manufacturers commonly add to CBD; as well as CBD by itself.


Most of these formulas are labeled based on their intended effects. So, it shouldn’t be hard to find what you’re looking for while browsing a CBD selection.


free cbd samples


Full-Spectrum CBD – No Additives:


This is the preferred version of a general CBD formula. It contains full-spectrum CBD infused in whatever delivery method the product uses.


Full-spectrum CBD contains every part of the CBD spectrum, and it provides the full range of benefits offered by CBD. For the most part, this includes the specialized effects of other formulas such as help sleeping, anti-inflammatory properties, and other general benefits, but none of them are focused or intensified by secondary chemicals. This is CBD in its natural state.


However, it’s recommended to get a 100% organic, pesticide, and herbicide-free, pure full-spectrum CBD product. If the CBD isn’t pure, it has plant byproducts from subpar extraction processes.


This is a great option for most people, and it’s the one we recommend the most given its flexibility, reliability, and lack of dependency on secondary chemicals such as melatonin.


However, CBD can interfere with the efficacy of medicines that are affected by grapefruit. This includes statin and a select few other medications. While there is no grapefruit in CBD, it does share a common protein with the fruit that stimulates P450 inhibitors and either makes your CYPs more or less active; effectively intensifying or nullifying life-changing statin medications. This is the only negative side-effect of CBD, and while we’ll highlight potential other conflicts those are due to the secondary compounds added to the formulas. As long as you’re not on a statin medication or other medication that conflicts with grapefruit, you can safely take this form of CBD without worry.


Sleep Formulas with Melatonin:


Some CBD formulas, often labeled as sleep formulas, contain more than just various cannabinoid blends. They will usually contain melatonin, too. This intensifies the sleep-friendly effects of CBD in a natural way, and it can help you get the best night’s sleep of your entire life.


This is because melatonin is the chemical that tells you when to sleep. It’s produced in the eye as you take in sunlight throughout the day, and when the sunlight fades, it’s released to the brain as a sort of bedtime alarm. This quickly makes you drift off to sleep.


Also, note that CBD makes your brain produce serotonin on its own. Serotonin helps you stay asleep more soundly. Combined, the natural boost of these two endorphins will help you fall asleep and stay asleep all night long; without the use of glorified tranquilizers with annoying or dangerous side effects.


However, this produces a unique concern. It’s not necessarily life-threatening on its own, but it can make you sleep way too heavily and at the wrong time.


Obviously, you won’t want to take this formula right before work or at noon. You’ll want to take it about half an hour before you go to bed and never before operating any sort of heavy machinery or vehicle.


What you may not consider is any type of sleep-inducing medication you may be on. If you are on a medication that makes you drowsy or induces sleep, it’s best not to use a sleep formula CBD product. The two medications can intensify one another, and at best, you can end up sleeping way too long. If the worst happens, you may suddenly fall asleep while operating something dangerous such as a stove or vehicle, and there can be very serious consequences for that.


Of course, that’s only true with sleep formulas because of the added melatonin. If you are on a medicine that makes you drowsy, as long as it doesn’t warn you against grapefruit, you can safely use full-spectrum CBD or another non-sleep-inducing CBD blend. The culprit with this type of product isn’t CBD. It’s the melatonin that’s added. Also, it’s not a life-threatening side-effect if you do take something it conflicts with. The potential accidents that can happen are what you need to worry about if you combine sleep aids.


CBD with THC:


Now, this isn’t even available for everyone. There are still plenty of states that don’t allow THC consumption, and you won’t find these types of products on any legal store shelves in those states. If you live in an area where these are legally available, know that they’re for a very specific type of user.


These are products that are based on the health benefits of CBD, but they use the more controversial THC to deliver a psychoactive effect or “high”. Some people enjoy this effect, some people don’t, and some people can’t afford to experience it because their jobs don’t approve of its usage.


If you fall into the group of people who enjoy a psychoactive effect alongside your health-conscious CBD regimen, then these might be for you. For everyone else, and for people in states where THC is still illegal, you’ll want to look elsewhere.


Also, note that there are some states that allow for Delta-8 THC in CBD products. This does provide a noticeable physical effect, but it’s not the same as what you get from Delta-9 THC. Delta-8 is derived from hemp just like CBD, and it’s a way to get a fairly intense calming effect without the true psychoactive properties of marijuana-derived Delta-9 THC. Beyond that, some states are banning even this hemp-derived CBD. So, you might see the option disappear anyways depending on where you live.


cbd oil


Wellness-Oriented Vitamin Formulas:


Sometimes, manufacturers will focus on boosting CBD’s effects without the dramatic additives like melatonin or THC. Instead, they’ll promote wellness with clever vitamin mixtures. Predominantly, this is vitamin D3 for its mood-stabilizing abilities.


As you know, CBD boosts serotonin production in the brain, and that helps boost your mood. So, this is already a mild effect of regular old CBD. However, when you add vitamin D3 and various other vitamins, you can boost that mood-stabilizing effect to promote better mental health and wellness.


This is an extremely safe type of formula, and it’s perfectly fine to use this formula instead of a standard CBD blend if you get a product that contains pure full-spectrum CBD on top of the vitamins.


The only real downsides to this are that these don’t offer too much beyond the general effects of CBD that is actually noticeable, and they tend to cost a bit more due to the additives. However, you should make sure you’re not taking massive doses of the vitamins already found in the CBD product.


For example, if you’re taking a large dose of vitamin D prescribed by a doctor to quickly get rid of a deficiency, don’t take a vitamin blend CBD product with loads of vitamin D in it.


You actually can get too much of any given vitamin, and if you’re on the special short-term medication, you don’t need to add more of that vitamin via your CBD regimen. Switch to a normal full-spectrum blend until you’re off the supplement. With that being said, most over-the-counter supplements are fine to use alongside these.


Quality First: Choose CannazALL


Obviously, one of the biggest defining factors for which CBD product is best for you and your condition is quality. You don’t want a low-quality product. You want a product made with love and care, and while there are a lot of options out there, CannazALL offers the best selection of 100% pure organic CBD products designed to provide the potency, reliability, and quality that you deserve.


We have a wide range of every product type and most of the blends we mentioned here today, and you are guaranteed to be satisfied by your purchase of any CannazALL CBD product. We even have CBD pet products to help give your furry companion the life-changing benefits of CBD.


So, what are you waiting for? Browse our large selection of America’s best CBD products, today.


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