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The Top 3 Ways CBD Could Help Your Dog

How CBD Can Help Your Dog

These days pet owners are always on the lookout for natural ways to improve their dogs’ quality of life. Over the past several years, many turn to CBD as a treatment for quite a few ailments. Cannabidiol, also called CBD for short, is one of the many chemical compounds found in cannabis. CBD is one of the 100’s of identified cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and accounts for approximately 40% of its extract.

CBD for Treating Dogs

There haven’t been many formal studies completed on CBD for dogs. However, scientists know that in humans it interacts with endocannabinoid receptors. These brain receptors link to the central and peripheral nervous systems. These systems help regulate essential chemicals found in the brain and help with overall feelings of health and well-being. Many dog owners have tried CBD therapy to help their furry friends.

The compound has been useful for inflammatory issues or pain management, anxiety, and seizure disorders. Anti-inflammatory or Pain Management Inflammation is the natural way your dog’s body fights off infection when they are hurt. When the injury occurs, white blood cells rush to that area to provide protection.

The buildup of white blood cells causes the area to become swollen or red. The swelling is a good thing because it shows their body is working hard to heal the injury, but it can cause them many discomforts. Studies suggest that CBD can help with pain management for dogs. As dogs age, they may begin to suffer from many of the same ailments from which humans suffer.

Helps Control Neurological Disorders

CBD has been helpful for humans who have seizure disorders for many years now. More recently, scientists and dog owners find it may also be useful for treating dogs with these disorders. According to studies, up to 6% of dogs may suffer from a neurological disorder. Dog owners use the compound to help with controlling tremors, seizures, spasms, and tics.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is an extremely uncomfortable disorder for humans, and it’s harmful to your four-legged friend too. Anxiety disorders are damaging and can lead to other behavior and medical issues. It will probably come as no surprise to you that dogs are tremendously empathic animals. When you are upset or sad, your fur baby can tell and wants to provide comfort. Studies have shown that dogs may also mirror their pet owner’s psychological symptoms, including anxiety. Some of the behaviors that dogs suffering from an anxiety disorder may display are below, and CBD may be the right treatment to help them. •

Extreme noise sensitivity • Hostility towards other animals or humans they don’t know • Destructive behavior

More and more pet owners are on the lookout these days and turn to natural alternatives to treat their dog’s painful or harmful conditions. While there is still a lot of information to uncover and studies to be had, many report positive changes in their dogs after CBD treatment.


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