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Methods of CBD Use: Ingestion vs Inhalation
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Tinctures VS Inhalation for CBD Use

CBD has continued to gain in popularity over the last several years and the Hemp industry indicates that CBD use will increase by over 40% in the next 2-3 years. This is not only good news for the industry but good news for consumers as well, as more and more people discover the health benefits that this ancient plant offers.

Recent studies have discovered the possibility of offering relief to patients from a wide variety of health issues by supplementing the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) with CBD, or cannabidiol as it’s scientifically known. As a result of the different conditions that patients use CBD for, various methods of CBD use have appeared, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Two of the most popular methods of CBD use include inhaling the oil in the form of a vapor and using a tincture to ingest the oil sublingually. To help decide which technique is best for oneself, the different methods of CBD use are discussed below.

What is CBD oil? 

CBD oil, short for Cannabidiol, is one of over 80 components found in the cannabis plant. Remember, both Hemp and Marijuana come from the cannabis plant, but it is only Marijuana that contains THC and gives you the “high” However Hemp, which does not contain THC cannot make you high and has no Psychoactive properties.

Using CBD Oil via Inhalation

Inhalation is classically used for medical marijuana usage, but it can also be used for CBD consumption. There are variations of electronic cigarettes that are specifically designed to boil a concentrated dose of CBD oil, allowing the user to then inhale the CBD in the form of a vapor. When the CBD is inhaled, it bypasses the digestive system and is processed into one’s bloodstream through the alveoli in the lungs.

cbd oil vaper

This essentially means that the cannabinoids from the CBD can take effect quicker than if one were to eat or ingest the CBD oil. The effects of the CBD oil typically occur within thirty seconds or less during inhalation, making this a strong advantage of inhaling CBD. However, if the vape pen used is not “solvent-free,” it may risk irritating one’s lungs through the creation of a gas called formaldehyde. Regardless, even if a patient’s condition is respiratory-related, inhalation may still be the best method to maximize the effects of one’s CBD usage. Always make sure you are using a quality, safe CBD e-liquid like offered by CannazALL™.

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Using CBD Oil via Tincture

A tincture is an extract from an herb or animal, usually in the form of oil or alcohol. A CBD Tincture is typically administered using a dropper, which allows one to get a more accurate measurement of the administered dose. However, it is important to record the dose of the Tincture based on the volume of the liquid used, not based on the number of drops. The amount of liquid in each drop can vary significantly from drop to drop, making it harder to measure a precise dose.

Tinctures are generally held under the tongue for about ninety seconds before being swallowed. Similar to inhalation, CBD is able to bypass the digestive system and take effect rather quickly. However, it usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes to take effect. Depending on the dose, the effects may last longer than inhalation, possibly up to six hours. Another advantage of using a tincture is the lack of odor compared to that of inhalation, allowing users to be more discreet. Tinctures may also help users avoid respiratory irritation; however, they may cause irritation to the mouth if they are not mixed with a solvent.

Studies have shown that CBD oil, through supplementation of the ECS, could help improve the quality of life for many people, but the method of consumption is also important to consider. Use of CBD by inhalation and tincture are both great options, yet one should carefully consider each to determine which methods of CBD use will best accommodate their lifestyle.

What is CBD Tincture? 

CBD Tincture is when CBD is infused into a suspension liquid, usually organic grapeseed and/or coconut oils, along with an all-natural flavoring like peppermint, lemon, orange, and others. In Tincture form, CBD is very enjoyable to take and incorporate into a healthy daily CBD therapy regimen.

tincture vs oil

You simply place a dropper full or more on or under the tongue and then allow it to dissolve and be absorbed by the salivary glands. You can even swish around a bit before swallowing. Wait 5-10 minutes before eating or drinking and allow the CBD to do its thing. Most people will experience relief within minutes and CBD Tincture can be taken any time of day and with or without food and drink and can also be taken with other medications.

CBD oil vs CBD tincture: what is the difference?

CBD oil and CBD Tincture are really the same thing in that CBD Tincture contains CBD oil. As mentioned above CBD Tincture is just a delivery to get CBD into the body in a very easy to take and flavorful manner.

How much stronger is Tincture vs Vaping?

CBD Tincture is stronger that CBD Vaping because you get a bigger dose from Tincture and this is immediately absorbed into the body. With a CBD Tincture you can take 10mg – 100mg, or more at the same time and get a strong “hit” all at once and this is what makes CBD Tinctures so popular, that and the wonderful flavors you can get with CBD Tinctures.

With CBD Vaping you do get an excellent delivery system and the lungs do absorb the CBD into the body immediately, you only get 3mg – 5mg of CBD per inhalation or “puff”. But this makes vaping a great way to get your CBD if you choose to vape throughout the day and continue to get a CBD dose throughout the day as well. It all depends on what you are using CBD therapy for and many people use both. They take a CBD Tincture to get a strong dose at once, and then vape throughout the day to keep the CBD dosing going and experiencing even more relief if that is what it takes for that individual.

CBD oil Tincture vs CBD Vaping… how long does it stay in your system?

CBD will stay in the system for about 18 hours, and this is true for both Tinctures and vaping as there is virtually no difference between the CBD used in both. The only difference is the delivery system and with Tinctures you take it orally and with vaping you inhale. Really simple stuff and not complicated.

But many people believe that since CBD Tincture is absorbed through the salivary glands and can be taken in larger doses all at once, that Tincture CBD will stay in the bodies system a little longer than with vaping. We do not know if this is true or not as CBD therapy is the same whether one is ingesting or inhaling, it does make sense to believe that larger doses, like those taken through CBD Tinctures, would stay in the body longer.

Which one is better for you? 

Again, there is virtually no difference as to which method is better for you (Tinctures or vaping), if you are getting similar CBD milligrams in your doses or throughout the day. Most people “Feel something” when 10mg – 25mg are taken, and really start feeling relief from ailments when 50mg – 100mg, or more are taken daily. With a Tincture you can get this all at once or split up throughout the day and with vaping you can get CBD doses throughout the day as well, albeit in smaller doses with each inhalation.

So, it is really up to the individual and what they enjoy, and whether they live in a household or work in an area where vaping is understood. If they do, then vaping is a fine way to get CBD dosing, and likewise Tinctures will get the job done if vaping is not convenient or the individual enjoys the taste of Tincture or wants to have a bigger dose all at once.

In addition, many people enjoy using both a Tincture and a vape when using CBD as each has its own enjoyment. So, try taking a Tincture for large doses and then vaping throughout the day to enjoy more CBD and get relief as needed. There are so many benefits to using CBD and starting a daily CBD therapy regimen and whether you choose to use a Tincture or vape is entirely up to the individual, what ailments they are suffering from, and what they wish to achieve through CBD use.

Where to buy CBD oil and CBD Tincture?

Buying CBD oil and CBD Tincture is relatively easy especially since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed in December of 2018. In the beginning of the industry several years ago there was only a handful of companies willing to offer quality CBD products to the public, but since the 2018 Farm Bill passed there are hundreds of online companies that offer CBD and also convenience stores, health food stores, and others that offer CBD products as well.

But all CBD products are not the same and it is important that you know what you are getting when starting and maintaining a new CBD therapy regimen. The good news is that it is also easier than ever to determine which CBD products are the best because of the addition of 3rd party testing, QR Codes, and Certificates of Analysis, that are now available for many CBD brands and products. Because of this you will want to make sure that the CBD products you are using have this service.

In addition to QR Codes, and COA’s there are some other important factors to be considered when choosing a CBD brand and product(s) and here are several below:

Is the product grown and formulated in the USA?

Is it derived from only CBD purpose grown Hemp plants?

Is he product a Full-spectrum Hemp CBD and not an Isolate?

Is the product free of heavy metals, pesticides, and GMO’s?

Is the product all-natural with no artificial fillers, etc?

Does the company offer a guarantee?

Are the CBD milligrams clearly stated on the product?

Do you know the true price per CBD milligram that you are paying?

Do you get results from the CBD product(s) you are using?

The answers must be yes to all the questions above in order to get the best CBD experience possible and if you are vague on these questions with a product you are considering then take a pass as there are many companies offering inferior imported Hemp products, Isolates, and products filled with artificial ingredients. If you do not want these products than make sure you only purchase CBD products that have a Certificate of Analysis and QR Code on the label that when scanned will take you to the COA for that particular product. And make sure the company you are buying from meets all of the criteria above.

In conclusion

If you are looking for a quality Colorado-grown and formulated CBD brand then look no further than the CannzALL™ CBD brand that offers flavorful and refreshing CBD Tinctures, easy to take GelCaps, and delicious Gummies, as well as powerful topicals for Skin ailments and pain relief. CannazALL™ is one of the early pioneers in the industry and first started offering CBD products way back in 2014, the start of the CBD revolution.

CannazALL™ CBD products are 100% natural with no artificial fillers, contain only CBD derived from purpose-grown Colorado Hemp plants, and have a QR Code on every label so that you can easily scan with your smartphone and view the corresponding 3rd party Certificate of Analysis for that product. In addition, CannazALL™ CBD products come with a money-back guarantee if you do not get the relief that you are seeking, and the company has great customer support and education. You can even call Toll-free to learn more at 1.800.655.9547.


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