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High-Quality CBD Oil for the Best Price!
high quality cbd oil

CBD oil is available in a massive variety of product formats and price ranges. However, finding CBD oil that perfectly balances quality with price can be a bit of a hassle. There are so many options that you can easily become overwhelmed, and if you simply buy the cheapest product or a product that boasts ridiculous claims at unbelievable prices, your experience probably won’t be too enjoyable. 


So, we’re going to help you get ahold of the highest quality CBD at a price point that truly gives you your money’s worth. 


First, let’s go over the different ways you can determine the right price point for high-quality CBD oil, and then we’ll go over our top suggestions. 


What is CBD Oil? 


CBD oil is a solution created by extracting cannabinoids from hemp plants. There are different types of CBD oil, and the kind used in a product greatly affects that product’s potency. 


There is CBD isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum to choose from. The most complete high-quality CBD oil experiences are typically found in full-spectrum CBD oil products, but isolate does have its uses. Albeit, they are far more focused on niche audiences and hard to recommend on a general basis. 


Once the CBD is extracted, it is then combined with a type of oil; usually, this is grapeseed oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil, but different companies do it differently. Other ingredients such as natural extracts for flavoring, botanicals, extra terpenes, vitamins, and various other additives are often mixed in to create a more focused experience. 


To an extent, an oil like this is mixed into nearly every CBD product. Tinctures are straight-up oil, soft gels are just oil packed into a gelatin casing, and oil is infused into most other products such as gummies and salves. Occasionally, those products may use a powdered version of CBD, but it’s less common. 


What’s an Ideal Price for CBD Oil?


Finding the right price for CBD oil is a little more complicated than just comparing the overall price of several products. For example, you might find a cheap product that only costs $20 for an ounce of CBD oil, and then find a product that costs $40 an ounce. The $20 option isn’t necessarily the best deal. 


The real price you’re looking for, as long as you can afford the overall cost in the first place, is the price per milligram of CBD. 


Let’s say the $20 bottle only has 100mg of CBD isolate. That’s 20 cents per milligram, and it’s a lower-quality CBD, too. Now, let’s say the $40 bottle has 1000mg of, full-spectrum, high-quality CBD. That’s only 4 cents per milligram, and it’s a much higher quality CBD; which means you’ll need to use a lot less of it, and the overall experience will be much more impactful. 


Gummies and similar products can be price-checked the same way, but it’s usually easier to check the price per gummy or whatnot in that case. 


high quality cbd oil


The list of recommendations you’ll get to in a minute takes this into account. So, don’t judge a product based on its price tag alone. 


What Type of Oil is the Highest Quality?


In terms of CBD content alone, you’ll get the most bang for your buck from full-spectrum CBD. However, it’s always a good idea to consider what you’re using the CBD oil for, and then check for products that have some sort of additional substance. For instance, if you’re after a pure CBD experience, look for added terpenes and botanicals. If you’re looking for a sleep aid, melatonin is a common additive. Some add vitamins to achieve certain effects, and the possibilities are pretty much endless. 


These types of mixes create a better, more effective, CBD experience, and they produce a higher quality CBD product overall. 


Beyond that, it’s good to look for the following traits: 


  • Organic ingredients
  • No chemical solvents
  • No alcohol
  • THC-free
  • Pesticide and herbicide-free farming techniques
  • Carbon-based extraction processes


Some products look attractive, and then you find out they’re basically chemical versions of Frankenstein’s monster. 


CannazALL Optimum Ultra 1000mg Tincture: Best Value/Highest Quality


By blending value and a superb level of quality, the CannazALL Optimum Ultra tincture sits as our top recommendation. It’s a potent tincture that will satisfy even the pickiest CBD lovers, but its price per mg of CBD is incredibly low. Paired with CannazALL’s signature oil blend, this is a deal we recommend to all CBD users. 


high quality cbd oil


What’s in it?


The Optimum Ultra Tincture is one of three nearly identical tinctures sold by CannazALL, but we believe it offers the most bang for your buck. 


The Ultra tincture contains 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD oil extracted only from organically-grown hemp plants. The CBD is added to a mixture of organic peppermint extract and grapeseed oil to create a product that delivers a full CBD experience while tasting great. However, CannazALL doesn’t stop there. 


To deliver a more impactful experience, CannazALL adds 200% more terpenes and botanicals to enhance the effects of their products. This leads to a highly potent product that is satisfying and impactful without straying from the CBD experience like vitamin and melatonin products do. 


The tincture comes in 1-ounce bottles, and given its high potency, a bottle can last a considerable time when taken as needed. 


Why it’s the best deal:


At full price, the Ultra tincture costs $58. That is a bit high when you look at the upfront cost, but when divided by its CBD-per-milligram, you’re paying roughly five cents per milligram of CBD. Add in the heightened potency provided by extra terpenes and botanicals, and you’re getting an exceptional deal on an extremely high-quality CBD oil product. 


Many similarly priced products don’t have the same commitment to quality ingredients, or they use inferior forms of CBD. At the very least, most companies selling similar products at the same price don’t add the extra terpenes and botanicals that add to the overall experience. 


In the end, this is the best CBD experience you’re going to get, and its per-mg price is the same, if not lower, than a lot of products that don’t come remotely close to its level of quality. Unless you have a very specific requirement for your CBD, pick this up. 


BalanceCBD Harlequin Oil: Most Variety


BalanceCBD has put a lot of emphasis on options when it comes to its line of oils. All of the options tend to have high-quality ingredients, but we’ll focus on one of their most popular options: The 2000mg oil with Harlequin terpenes added. 


This is our second-best option due to a couple of drawbacks, but it is worth considering. 


What you get:


The BalanceCBD Harlequin oil comes in a variety of potencies, but the most common is the 2000mg bottle. Obviously, that’s extremely potent, and more experienced users will appreciate that. It’s also infused with Harlequin terpenes, and this same setup can be chosen in CBD isolate or full-spectrum forms. We recommend the full-spectrum variant unless you can’t take that for some reason. 


There aren’t any flavor-enhancing additives, which may be a positive or negative aspect depending on your personal taste, and the company claims that all of its ingredients are grown via organic farming standards. However, there are no specifics listed. 


The addition of Harlequin terpenes helps this product stand out, and it definitely adds to the overall value of the product. However, the amount of terpenes isn’t listed, their intended effects and other crucial information isn’t readily available. 


Why it’s a good deal: 


The 2000mg bottle of full-spectrum oil costs $80. That’s roughly four cents per mg of CBD and slightly cheaper than the CannazALL option. It’s also a highly potent product that contains more than enough CBD for nearly any user. 


However, we can’t list it as our top pick because, while the company claims to use organic ingredients and Harlequin terpenes, there are no readily available specifics. There could be 1mg of terpenes added, the plants may or may not be farmed with herbicides, and it’s generally impossible to know those little key aspects. 


If you’re willing to deal with that lack of information, and you have $80 to spend upfront, you can get a solid deal with this product. However, we still think the CannazALL Ultra is the better deal. 


Joy Organics Fresh Lime with THC: Most Relaxing


This Joy Organics Fresh Lime with THC oil is probably the most relaxing of the bunch, but it’s not something everyone will enjoy, and it’s not even legal in all 50 states. So, you’ll have to keep that in mind. That’s why it’s the third-place recommendation on this list. 


high quality cbd oil


What you get:


The Fresh Lime with THC oil comes in a few potencies, but the standard bottle is a 1-ounce container with 900mg of CBD. The CBD used is broad-spectrum, organically grown hemp extract, and it delivers about 30mg of CBD per serving; which is conveniently measured by the included dropper. 


It also comes with a delicious fresh lime extract that enhances its flavor dramatically. 


However, there’s one little tidbit that sets it apart from every other option on this list; it’s infused with small amounts of THC as well. 


The inclusion of THC is both its most stand-out trait and its biggest drawback. It doesn’t contain as much THC as if you were to smoke a joint or use another, more traditional, THC product, but there is enough to have an impact. 


This makes its legality questionable in a lot of places, and the THC experience isn’t for everyone. 


However, it will definitely help you relax both mentally and physically. CBD already has these effects when you purchase high-quality CBD oil products, but THC is a bit more dramatic. This can be a major bonus for people suffering from chronic pain. 


Is it a good deal?


Whether or not this product is a good deal depends on several factors. So, let’s dive into that. 


First, the price is pretty good. The bottle described costs $69 at full price, and there are various discounts available at all times. At full price, you’re paying roughly seven cents per milligram of CBD. However, you’re also getting THC and a flavored product. So, the higher price is warranted. 


Secondly, this is one of the few oils you’ll find with THC at this price point. If you want the THC, or need it help with more severe problems, that makes this an amazing product. However, if you want a true CBD experience, without the effects of CBD, this is a horrible option. Once THC is added to the mix, the centered, well-balanced CBD experience is thrown off. It’s also less practical for on-the-go use thanks to the effects of THC. 


Finally, unlike the BalanceCBD oil, Joy Organics has the same transparent labels and lab reports as CannazALL. So, you can see exactly what’s in the product in specific amounts, and all of the company’s claims are backed by third-party test results. 


We recommend this to CBD users who want the CBD experience but also need the more dramatic effects of THC. However, keep in mind that the THC cancels out some of the key aspects of CBD, and you’ll get a much more authentic experience from CannazALL’s Optimum oil. 


Final Verdict:


The best high-quality CBD oil at the best price is clearly CannazALL’s Optimum Ultra tincture. It’s packed with CBD, has an exceptional price, and is made from the highest quality ingredients. However, both the other options listed have their place, and some customers may want to try those. 




Q: Does CBD oil make you tired?

A: No. It can help with sleep by removing obstacles such as anxiety, but it should not make you drowzy. 


Q: Does CBD oil expire?

A: Yes. After about 18 months if stored properly. 


Q: What’s the best type of CBD?

A: All forms of CBD have their own uses, but full-spectrum is best in general. 


Q: Can I get high off CBD?

A: No. CBD does not cause a “high”, but it can help you feel a lot more relaxed. This is not true for CBD products that also include THC. 


Q: Is CBD legal?

A: Yes. CBD is legal in the United States. However, CBD products containing THC, or ones that fail to uphold federal and state guidelines, may not be legal where you live. 

high quality cbd oil

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