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Hemp Milk Benefits: What You Should Know
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Learn About Hemp Milk

With all the talk about Hemp these days and its many benefits, a lot of people are learning that Hemp seeds are a perfect food and a great source of many nutrients and healthy fats and proteins. With that said there is a new fad in Hemp Milk, so let’s take a look and learn how to your your own Hemp milk as well.

Hemp milk is the result of combining water with seeds from the hemp plant. There are lots of health benefits associated with this milk that you should know about. These days many people are drinking this type of milk because of its high nutritional value and healing capabilities. This milk has a nutty sort of taste and creamier consistency than most traditional milk. While the taste doesn’t appeal to everyone, it is still worth exploring.

Low Calorie

There are only about 83 calories in a single 240-milliliter serving of hemp milk, and it is loaded with lots of healthy fats. Those who want to lose weight while still enjoying a nice glass of milk occasionally should consider this option. It has 7.3 grams of fat, 1.3 grams of carbs, and 2% of your daily value of calcium.


The significant amount of protein that is found in hemp milk can help with digestive issues. These complete proteins are combined with essential amino acids to help your body stay healthy and functioning properly. Those who have irritable bowel syndrome can definitely benefit from this type of milk.

Healthier Skin

There is quite a bit of evidence that drinking hemp milk can promote healthy skin when it is consumed on a regular basis. Even people with eczema can find relief by drinking this milk. Hemp naturally has properties that can be beneficial to those with certain skin conditions, including acne and psoriasis. Lots of people who start drinking this milk notice a marked improvement with their skin conditions.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Drinking hemp milk can also reduce your overall risk of developing heart disease later on in life. The nitric oxide can also reduce your blood pressure levels, which will make you a healthier overall person. It can also lower the presence of certain proteins in the blood vessels that can contribute to this very serious health issue.

Essential Nutrients

Hemp milk is packed with essential nutrients that are great for your body. This includes vitamins, A, B12, E and D. You will also get a significant amount of calcium, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, iron and potassium.


Variety of Flavors

You will find that hemp milk comes in a wide variety of flavors, so you will have no shortage of options to choose from. It is important that you take the time to try out some of these flavors so that you can find ones that you really like. Unsweetened hemp milk is the best for you, but there are sweetened options available. Lots of people like vanilla and chocolate flavors, though there are certainly a lot more for you to choose from.

No Soy or Gluten

All organic hemp milk is completely soy and gluten-free. This means that those with celiac disease or a soy allergy will not have to worry about any adverse reactions. A lot of people across the country are lactose intolerant, and this is a great alternative. It is totally lactose-free, which means that practically anyone can drink it without any issues whatsoever.


People often think of marijuana when they hear the word “hemp,” but the truth is that they are two vastly different things. There are no psychoactive properties in hemp like marijuana, so no “high” feeling whatsoever. Hemp milk is made from Hemp seeds and it can not make you high.

What is hemp milk? 

Much like Almond Milk, Oatmeal milk, and many others, Hemp milk is not milk from a Cow but is a drink created from pressing the oil from Hemp seeds and then mixing it with purified water and additional natural flavoring making it a great substitute for those who are lactose intolerant, are vegan, or just do not like the taste of Cow’s milk.

Hemp milk is rich in essential vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats. In fact, Hemp milk has more protein and healthy fats than any other non-Cow’s milk drink, more so even than Rice milk and Soy milk.

For those that do not want to add more Soy to their diet Hemp milk is a great alternative and a super healthy choice that is high in nutrition and loaded with protein and healthy fats. And although it has less protein than Cows milk it does have fewer calories and carbs.

One cup of unsweetened Hemp milk contains the following:

83 Calories

1.3 grams of Carbohydrates

4.8 grams of Protein

7.2 grams of fat

2% Daily value for Calcium

7% for Iron

hemp milk as a replacement for cow's milk

Hemp milk can also be fortified with calcium and vitamins like A, B12, and D. It can also contain added sugars, but you can always choose an unsweetened version. Hemp milk contains mostly unsaturated essential fatty acids, which are Omega 6 and Omega 3 and both of these healthy fats can aid in building tissue, cartilage, and membranes.

In addition, the proteins found in quality Hemp milk are more easily digested as it is a plant-based food and it because it is made from Hemp seeds it contains all the essential amino acids that are vital in human food.

If you are lactose intolerant, or don’t want to add soy or gluten to your diet then Hemp milk is probably the best alternative for you as it is free of all these substances.

What does Hemp milk taste like? 

What’s great about Hemp milk is how much it mirrors the texture of cows milk, as it is rich and creamy unlike other milk substitutes that can be watery. This makes Hemp milk the top choice for cooking as well, but you do not want to bring it to a boil as you will lose a lot of the vital nutrients.

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Hemp milk, when unsweetened has a nutty flavor, and when vanilla extract or chocolate is added makes for the creamiest good tasting milk substitute you will find.

How to make your own hemp milk? 

It is extremely easy to make your own Hemp milk and we can give you a great method here. Basically, there are two ingredients, Hemp seeds and purified water. While you can use just seeds and water for an unflavored version sweeteners, thickeners, and salt can be added as well.

But by making your own Hemp milk you can choose exactly what goes into it and the quality of Hemp seeds and ingredients and that is why making your own Hemp milk is so popular. You can also add other nutrients to fortify your Hemp milk and make it a power-packed drink for many different uses.

Here is how to make your own super healthy Hemp milk:

  1. Add one cup of raw organic Hemp seeds to 4 cups of water and blend until smooth (About 1-2 minutes)
  2. You can then add sweetener like sugar, honey, vanilla, even fruit if you like and a pinch of sea salt adds a great background flavor.
  3. Strain through cheesecloth into a container and store in the refrigerator for up to 5-7 days.

See how simple it is? Once you get the hang of it you’ll be making Hemp milk on a regular basis and experimenting with many different flavors and thickeners, like tapioca powder, to give it the creamiest consistency possible. The flavors, combinations, and uses are endless.

hemp milk benefits


What is hemp milk good for? 

Where do we start? From a nutrition basis, Hemp is a great dairy alternative because it also contains calcium, even more than dairy milk. Plus, it has the Omega 3 and 6 healthy fats that are so important to good health. In addition, these Omega fats are in the 1:3 ratio that promotes heart health, better brain function, and are also anti-inflammatory.

Not only that, but studies have shown that Omega 3s can even help you sleep better so there are many added benefits to using Hemp milk and making your own.

Hemp milk won’t alter the hormone balance in your body, which is important, because it is hormone-free, and that’s another great reason to use Hemp milk as a milk substitute if you are concerned about adding hormones or GMO’s in your diet.

Hemp milk can also support good skin health because of the Omega fats and help support your skins immune response and offers anti-inflammatory properties that help protect skin from the aging process.

In addition, people with eczema have been shown to get symptom relief and a significant decrease in dry skin when taking just two tablespoons of Hemp oil per day, so having Hemp milk around can be very helpful if you suffer from some skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis.

Hemp oil has even been shown to help with dry and brittle hair and thinning skin, again due to the high amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6 healthy fats. So, as you can see there are many great benefits to drinking healthy homemade Hemp milk daily.

If that is not enough to make you want to start making your own healthy Hemp milk, then how about this too… Hemp milk may help protect against heart disease. How? Because Hemp seeds are also rich in an amino acid called arginine. Arginine is what the body uses to create nitric oxide, and this relaxes blood vessels and helps to maintain healthier blood pressure.

whole dried hemp seeds

In addition, getting needed levels of arginine may also lower the inflammatory C-reactive protein that can be associated with elevated risk of heart disease. In fact, one study showed that subjects with a higher intake of arginine were 30% less likely to have dangerously high levels of C-reactive protein when compared to subjects that did not ingest arginine in their diets. So, adding Hemp milk, and its arginine to your diet, can help reduce the incidents of heart disease. Another great reason to make your own healthy Hemp milk.

Due to its creamy consistency Hemp milk is great with hot or cold cereal, baked goods and smoothies, protein shakes and cooking. You can even use your homemade Hemp milk to make a rich and creamy Alfredo sauce and pasta dishes.

Use it in lattes, cappuccinos, and other delicious coffee drinks, but remember Hemp milk can add a nutty flavor so keep that in mind when blending with other flavors. Most people love it though.

And of course, we want to make sure something else is understood. While Hemp does come from the Cannabis family, like Marijuana, Hemp does not contain THC and therefore can not make you feel “High” You are safe drinking Hemp milk, and it has zero Psychoactive effects.

Where to find hemp milk? 

Don’t want to make your own healthy Hemp Milk, just buy it then, you can purchase Hemp milk at virtually every health food store, Wholefoods, natural food store, and even Walmart carries several different brands of Hemp milk. There are also many online Companies so just do a quick search. Whether you live in a rural area or a big city it should not be hard to find good quality Hemp milk products, and because Hemp milk is made from Hemp seeds, considered a food product, there are no restrictions like there have been on some other ingestible Hemp products like CBD. Although even that is no longer an issue since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed.


Many people have jumped on the hemp milk bandwagon, and for good reason. There are many health benefits associated with drinking this milk on a regular basis. It may not be very cheap, but it’s well worth paying extra when you consider everything it can do for you.

If you are looking for a dairy milk alternative for whatever reason, then Hemp milk should be your top choice for nutrition, flavor, texture, uses, and health. And, if you really want to have the complete control you now know how easy it is to make your own healthy Hemp milk.


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