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How to find and use Quality CBD products
Get your CBD: How to find and use quality CBD products

Buying High Quality CBD Oil

Any product you purchase should be checked for quality. Most people buy medications because they trust their doctor’s opinion or prefer a certain brand. When it comes to CBD products, there are some attributes that make the quality of some better than others. The pureness of your CBD oil depends a lot on the dispensary and how dedicated they are to providing products that are good for your body. The location, extraction process,  and method of consumption all contribute to the effectiveness of quality CBD oil.


The Source


The plant used for your CBD oil should be grown properly. Plants are living things and react to their environment. Cannabis plants are extremely sensitive to the soil they are grown in and the plants that grow near them. They extract an incredible amount of contaminants from soil. Cannabis plants are so good at pulling toxins from the soil that they are used in a process called phytoremediation. This is a great way to clean the earth, however, plants grown in these areas should never be used for medical purposes. The absorbed contaminants can cause harm to your body, defeating the purpose of using quality CBD oil. It is important to find out about the source of the product you purchase. Plants with integrity are grown in pure, healthy soil.


Extraction Methods


The oil of a plant is a part of its immune system. It rushes to injured or sick parts of the plant to help it heal. Humans benefit from the oils in a similar way when the constituents in the oil remain intact. Poor extraction methods can destroy the constituents and add toxins to the oil. Don’t be shy about asking your dispensary what method they use. Without extensive regulation of the industry, consumers must take responsibility for their own health. CO2 extraction produces the purest product. If you are paying a higher price for your CBD oil, it may be due to the expensive equipment necessary for this process.


Olive oil extraction is usually the method used by people at home. It is incredibly safe; however, you end up with an infused oil that does not last long. You also get small amounts. Stay away from retailers that use ethanol or butane, also known as the solvent extraction method. This method often produces a contaminated product. Chlorophyll and other dangerous substance can end up in the oil. The process can be extremely dangerous, as well.


The Final Product


Most people try out a few products before they decide on a favorite. There are plenty of consumption methods to choose from. Some people feel more natural simply ingesting CBD in a gel capsule. It can also be added to food and drinks. The CBD oil may take a little longer to reach your bloodstream, as it must go through the digestive system and liver first. For a fast result, you can try sublingual administration. When absorbed under the tongue, the product moves into your system much faster. Inhalation also works without having to go through the digestive system. For a more isolated bodily therapy, topical solutions are available.


When looking for relief of pain or other symptoms, it can be tempting to buy the first product you find. Use of poor quality CBD oil, however, can make the situation worse. A toxic growing area or extraction method can result in contaminants that cause more harm to your body. Take the time to research the origin and extraction method used by your dispensary. Finally, various consumption methods bring relief in different ways and at different paces.

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