Q: What is the difference between an Ambassador and an Affiliate on the CannazALL™ site?


  • An Ambassador is anyone over 18 who registers and pays for our Ambassador/Wholesale program and has access to our wholesale pricing, for personal use, and for resale to friends and family.

  • An Affiliate is anyone over 18 who registers as an Affiliate for free, and refers customers to the CannazALL™ Site and earns a commission on every order their referred customer places.

In addition, you can be both an Ambassador and an Affiliate if you like. Because as an Ambassador, not only can you get CannazALL™ CBD products at wholesale prices, you also get a higher commission on referred sales from your visitors as well.


Q: How does the Ambassador program work?

You simply Register and pay the one-time Ambassador signup fee, and there are never any additional fees or dues, other than the wholesale cost for your products.

Once you register and create your Login you will have instant access to the Ambassador/Wholesale ordering page where you will get all CannazALL™ CBD products at 50% off, or more anytime you want to order.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum order I need to spend?

Absolutely not, and there never will be. You simply get to order at Wholesale pricing anytime you like. You can order one item, or a thousand or more, it’s completely up to you.

Q: Can I order at Wholesale prices just for myself?

Of course you can. Once you are an Ambassador you have access to ordering 24/7 at Wholesale pricing, and you can get products for personal use, or resale to friends, family, and others. It’s totally up to you.

Q: How do my orders ship?

The same way that all of our orders ship. Via USPS Priority Mail with tracking sent to you.

Q: Can I refer customers online?

Yes. Just sign up as an Affiliate as well and you will earn 25% on every sale that you refer to the site, and you will also have an account that keeps track of your sales. As an Ambassador you will earn more than a regular Affiliate (Which is 15%)

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