CannazALL™ CBD frequently asked questions

q-icon How is CannazALL™ CBD legal in all 50 states?

CannazALL™ CBD products are derived from Hemp and under the 2018 Farm Bill are completely legal in all 50 states. In addition, CannazALL™ CBD products DO NOT contain illegal amounts of THC  but are well within the legal, natural, and trace amounts allowed by federal and state law.


q-icon Is CannazALL™ the purest CBD?

Yes, CannazALL  CBD products are as pure as you can get and are ONLY formulated from purpose grown Hemp plants naturally rich in CBD. In addition, CannazALL™ CBD products are 100% organic, Non GMO with no pesticides or herbicides used, and we use a non-chemical super-critical Co2 extraction process as well.


q-icon Is CannazALL™ the same as Medical Marijuana?

No –  and it is important to remember that there are two types of Cannabis: Marijuana and Hemp. It is Marijuana that contains THC, and can make you high, but it is Hemp that DOES NOT contain THC and CAN NOT make you high. However, science has shown that the CBD Oil in ALL Cannabis is beneficial, and that is why we ONLY use legal purpose-grown Hemp that is naturally rich in CBD for all of our CannazALL™ products.


q-icon What does CannazALL™ taste like?

You can learn about the taste of all of our products under CannazALL Taste


q-icon How much and how should I take CannazALL™ for my ailment?

You can learn all about this under CannazALL Dosing


q-icon How can CannazALL™ help my body?

You can learn all about this under How CBD Works



q-icon How is CannazALL™ CBD made?

All CannazALL™ CBD products are  made from 100% purpose-grown USA  Hemp, and all of our hemp strains are grown under a Department of Agriculture Approved Hemp Program. In addition, all of our CBD Oils are extracted through a super-critical Co2 extraction process.


q-icon Will CannazALL™ make me high?

No – CannazALL™ CBD products are made entirely, and only, from purpose- grown hemp plants rich in CBD that do not contain the psychoactive properties of THC.


q-icon How is CannazALL™ packaged and shipped

You can learn all about this under Shipping


q-icon Will I fail a drug test from taking CBD?

CannazALL™ CBD products have been used by tens of thousands of customers and we  have only had a few mention that they failed a drug test. The main reason for this is that  legal CBD derived from Hemp has a very minimal trace amount of THC that is legally allowed under the 2018 US Farm Bill and by the FDA (0.03% or under). However, we cannot guarantee that THC will not show up in a drug test, especially if a “Broad Spectrum” test is being used. Typically, the standard 8 panel drug tests administered at medical facilities exclude meaningless trace amounts of THC so there should not be a problem if this is the test that is used, but again there is no guarantee. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor or whoever might be administering the tests prior to use or being tested.


q-icon How can I save money on CannazALL™ CBD products?

CannazALL™ CBD products are completely safe and there are no known negative side effects. CannazALL™ is 100% natural and organic and can be taken at any time day or night, with other medications, and with any and all food and drink.

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