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What is the Cheapest CBD on the Market (2022)
cheapest cbd

CBD products are growing in popularity faster than ever before, and companies are meeting that demand with a wide range of new and exciting products every day.


However, for a lot of people, CBD products can seem a little pricey. Don’t get us wrong; most of those products are well-worth their high price, but that doesn’t do much for those who need to stick to a budget and get the cheapest CBD. 


Luckily, there are some really cheap options out there that allow you to enjoy the benefits of high-quality CBD without going bankrupt. 


Here’s a list of the best cheap CBD on the market. 


Standards for the Cheapest CBD on the Market and What to Look for


You might be surprised to find out that there quite a few cheap CBD options available. However, not all of them are worth the heavy discount. 


Shady suppliers have been known to capitalize on the CBD boom, and they’ve put out bottom-shelf products that use isolates instead of genuine full-spectrum CBD, and that leaves you with very few of the effects you’re expecting from the product. This can sour a beginner’s opinion of CBD, and we’d rather steer you away from such ineffective options. 


Every product on this list will be from a reputable dealer and proven to be a high-quality product despite its inexpensive price. 


If you decide to pick up CBD products on your own, without consulting the list, make sure you research the brands you look at to ensure that they’re made with 100% full-spectrum CBD; preferably with terpenes and botanicals intact to ensure you get the full experience. 


Cheap CBD Tincture Products


Tinctures are somewhat pricier than gummies and other products, but they stretch a long while. So, that is factored in with these reviews. 


MedTerra 750mg Immune Booster


This 750mg tincture from MedTerra is specifically designed to provide you with a quick, substantial immune boost. It does have other effects associated with CBD, but the use of isolates to create this mixture minimizes those benefits. That can be a good thing if you’d rather not have the full experience in the middle of the day, but that might leave some CBD lovers disappointed. 


With that being said, it comes in a 1-ounce bottle with 750mg of isolated CBD with zero THC or other chemicals that create dramatic effects. Each bottle also costs $39, but given the fact that you only take it one drop at a time, it can last a long time even with daily use. 


We recommend this for those who want to use CBD for its long-term benefits while not being exposed to terpenes, trace amounts of THC, or calming properties. It’s also a great option if you’ve ever “does CBD make you tired”. 




  • Formula is focused on immune-boosting effects
  • Lasts a long time
  • Elderberry flavor in a tincture
  • No trace amounts of THC or terpenes




  • While the intended effects are great, it’s not a full CBD experience


CannazALL Mega 500mg Tincture


The CannazALL Mega tincture is packed with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD with 200% extra terpenes and botanicals to ensure you receive a full CBD experience. This includes the full lineup of CBD effects and benefits. 


cheapest cbd


This product is flavored with peppermint extract and grapeseed, and all ingredients are GMO-free, pesticide-free, and organically grown. 


The Mega tincture is $49 upfront, and that may seem more expensive than smaller gummy packs and other products, but it’s used one drop at a time, and it is highly potent. This makes it last a long time as you can use it sparingly without sacrificing the overall quality of your experience, and it’s definitely $49 well-spent. 


This is the better option of our two tincture recommendations. It provides you with a full CBD experience, lasts just as long, and only costs $10 more at full price. If you’re on a budget and want more than just a couple days’ worth of CBD, this is the best investment you can make. 




  • Full CBD experience
  • Lasts a long time
  • Provides all effects and benefits
  • Peppermint extract provides an enjoyable and natural flavor
  • Fully organic and GMO-free
  • Free of chemical solvents




  • It’s $10 more expensive than the previous suggestion
  • Some users may not want the full experience


Cheapest CBD Gummies on the Market


CBD gummies are a bit more beginner-friendly than other products. They’re tasty, resemble the gummies you loved growing up, and have all the same benefits as a tincture, soft-gel, or other edible CBD product. However, some products take longer to dissolve, and you need to find a trustworthy supplier because they are commonly sold by less-reputable, and lower-quality, brands due to their mass appeal. All of our listed recommendations come from trusted brands. 


15-Gummy Special Pack from CannazALL


The 15-gummy special pack is the perfect discount option for beginners, and it’s plenty of CBD goodness for long-time CBD lovers, too. It only costs $20, but it comes with 15 highly-potent gummies that are meant to be taken one or two at a time. So, your $20 will stretch for several days or more unless you use it very frequently; which isn’t necessary for the vast majority of people. 


Each gummy has 25mg of full-spectrum CBD, and extra terpenes and botanicals are added to increase the quality of your experience and provide the full range of effects CBD has to offer. 



The gummies only come in elderberry flavor, but the flavor is mildly sweet and perfect for an adult palette. 


These are perfect if you just want to try CBD for the first time without spending a lot, or if you need something cheap to hold you over until you can afford a more substantial amount of product. 




  • 15 gummies for $20 is an amazing deal
  • Each gummy is extremely potent
  • Elderberry flavor is natural and not too sweet
  • Satisfying for beginners and CBD lovers alike
  • Very high quality with little financial investment




  • 15 gummies will last a while, but frequent users will prefer a more substantial amount. 


Five CBD Gummies (With THC)


CBD offers a 20-count jar of 25mg gummies with Delta 9 THC included. Before you get excited, that is not the same as the psychoactive in marijuana; although, it does produce a sort of “high” effect. 


These gummies are $28 for the 20-count jar, which makes them some of the cheapest gummies available, and the addition of THC is a bonus for some. However, this product will not be for everyone. 


First, it is strictly limited to those 18-years or older. So, some customers are immediately disqualified. Also, the point of CBD is that it doesn’t have the same effects as everyone’s favorite green plant, and it’s more focused on being a holistic medicine product than a drug. So, many customers will want to opt for the much more authentic CBD experience provided by CannazALL. 


Finally, the overall quality is somewhat lower; as the ingredients are as carefully chosen as they are in CannazALL products. 


However, this is a very cheap way to try CBD gummies, and some may enjoy the added substances. 




  • Very cheap price
  • Variety of flavors
  • Other similarly-priced gummy options available




  • Some versions contain THC
  • Lower-quality ingredients


Cheapest CBD Soft Gel Capsules


Soft gel capsules are discreet, user-friendly options for new and experienced CBD users alike. Since they resemble any other over-the-counter pill such as pain relievers or allergy medicine, they won’t draw attention to you when you use them like tinctures or oddly-packaged gummies. They’re also fast-absorbing compounds most of the time, and they tend to be fairly small and concentrated to offer high potency without making you swallow a giant capsule. 


Medterra Isolate Soft Gels (25mg-50mg)


These Medterra soft gels come in 30-count bottles for $39 in some places, but their MSRP is $49. If subscribe to Medterra’s newsletter, you can get 15% off, though. That’s a fairly cheap deal for soft gels; which tend to be the more expensive CBD products on the market. 


These soft gels are made from quality ingredients, come in a discreet bottle that looks very similar to over-the-counter headache medicine, and you get your choice between 25mg or 50mg capsules. 


However, they are made from CBD isolate. Isolated CBD does not provide the full CBD experience; although, it is useful for experiencing the longer-term health benefits without the short-term “buzz” or sense of calmness. This may be a pro or con depending on what you’re looking for in your CBD. 




  • Relatively cheap cost per capsule
  • High potency
  • Targeted effects
  • 15% off if you subscribe to the Medterra newsletter




  • Not an authentic, full CBD experience thanks to the use of isolated CBD


30-Count 25mg Full-Spectrum SoftGels from CannazALL


These 25mg SoftGel CannazALL capsules are highly potent and provide a genuine CBD experience. They are filled with pure full-spectrum CBD with 200% extra terpenes and botanicals added for a higher quality experience. In short, these are the cream of the crop if you’re looking for a proper CBD experience and a high-quality product. 


cheapest cbd


They’re also made from 100% organic, GMO-free, and pesticide-free ingredients that are carefully sourced from highly trusted suppliers. 


All of this only costs $49 per jar of 30 capsules. That’s a little more expensive than the previously listed capsules, but you get a far more robust experience. 


However, the packaging isn’t as discreet, and it may catch the attention of those around you if you take it out in public. There’s nothing wrong with that, but some people may prefer more discreet commonly-shaped packaging. 


Overall, this is a high value for a relatively cheap price, and you get a genuine CBD experience rather than one focused on specific traits. 




  • Authentic CBD experience
  • Added terpenes and botanicals
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Inexpensive in comparison with similar quality products




  • The packaging is less discreet


Cheapest CBD Topical Creams and Salves


A CBD salve, or topical cream such as lotion, is a special CBD product that is more focused on relieving muscle and joint pain, as well as providing other forms of physical relief. Although, it is known for having some of the other effects CBD is known for as it’s absorbed through the skin. 


CBD salve is generally cost-effective and comes in hearty amounts. So, you can rest assured that you won’t have to buy it again every five minutes regardless of how often you use it. 


However, the topical aspect of it limits its uses a bit more than other products. 


Joy Organics 500mg Hemp CBD Salve


The 500mg Hemp CBD salve from Joy Organics is a great option if you want a niche brand, but its price is a bit much for the quantity that you get. Consider this a cheap option if you’re into more boutique CBD products. 


The salve comes in a 1-ounce jar, is made predominantly from CBD-infused beeswax with phytocannabinoids, but it does not contain THC. This creates a potent pain reliever that works fast, and one 1-ounce should be enough to last the average person a couple of weeks. 


However, it starts at $51 MSRP. That’s low for more boutique-style brands, but it is still a bit much for a 1-ounce container, and we feel you, and most people for that matter, will get a better bargain with our second recommendation. 




  • Boutique-quality ingredients with marketing to match
  • Highly potent
  • More cost-effective than other boutique brands




  • Only 1-ounce of product for $51


CannazALL All-Purpose Full-Spectrum CBD Salve


CannazALL’s 400mg jar of all-purpose CBD salve is an awesome bargain. For just $31, you get a 4-ounce jar of salve infused with full-spectrum CBD, extra terpenes and botanicals, and lavender and eucalyptus extracts. 


cheapest cbd


This is clearly a cheaper option than the other recommendation, and despite not having the fanciest ingredient list, it is a superb product made completely from organic ingredients sourced from the best suppliers. In short, it’s a better bang for your buck, and it doesn’t have to have the finest beeswax to be a high-end product. 


The 400mg of full-spectrum CBD is also fast-acting and perfect for athletes post-training, elderly people suffering from arthritis and other chronic issues, and those who are dealing with chronic pain from other sources. 


At $31 for 4 ounces, this is the best cheap CBD salve you can get. 




  • Great price-to-quantity ratio
  • Doesn’t sacrifice quality
  • Will last a long time
  • Works fast
  • Smells great




  • Its topical usage means that its benefits are more limited than edible products


Get the Best Cheap CBD Products from CannazALL


There are a lot of high-quality CBD products on the market from multiple brands, but in the USA, there’s one brand that stands out: CannazALL. 


CannazALL is Colorado’s claim to fame in the CBD world, and the team strives to provide the highest quality products at prices most can afford. Not only that, but they also function as a resource for your burning CBD-related questions. So, if you’ve ever wondered does CBD oil expire, or any other question about this booming new trend, CannazALL has your back. 


Check them out, today.


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