Use a lot of CBD and want to get it at wholesale pricing?

Become an Ambassador and get CannazALL™ CBD products at up to 50% off everyday

Get instant access to wholesale pricing and order whenever you like… 24 hours a day with no minimums or auto shipping.


Full Spectrum CBD Products - CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD GelCaps, CBD Salve

Here’s what you get…

24 hour access to the wholesale order page

CannazALL™ CBD products at wholesale pricing… Up to 50% off, and more

No monthly or annual fees

No minimum orders

Free shipping

Nothing auto shipped

Just order when you want and save!

All for the one-time Registration fee of just $99!


Call Toll-Free 1.800.655.9547

Ambassador Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between an Ambassador and an Affiliate on the CannazALL™ site?

An Ambassador is anyone over 18 who registers and pays the one-time fee for the Ambassador/Wholesale Program and has access to our wholesale pricing.

An Affiliate is anyone over 18 who registers as an Affiliate for free, and refers customers to the CannazALL™ site and earns a commision on every order thier referred customer places.

But, as a Wholesale Ambassador you are automatically mafe an Affiliate and also get a higher commission.

Q: How does the Ambassador Program work?

You simply Register and pay the one-time sign up fee and there are never any additional fees or dues, other than the wholesale prices of the CannazALL™ products you order.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum order I need to place?

Absolutely not, and there never will be. You simply get to order the very same CannazALL™ CBD products but at wholesale pricing wnytime you like. You can order one item, or a thousand or more. It’s completely up to you.

Q: How do my orders ship?

The same way that all of our orders ship… Via USPS Priority Mail with tracking.

Q: Can I refer customers online?

Yes. As an Ambassador and an Affiliate you will earn 25% on every single sale that you refer to the site, and you will also have an account that keeps track of your sales. As an Ambassador youearn more than an Affiliate (Which is 15%)


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