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Pet Care

About CannazALL Pets

Pets are family members! So we developed new CannazALL Pets™ , specifically formulated for our beloved furry friends, with all the same quality standards as our CannazALL™ CBD products for people. Except, CannazALL Pets™ contains a unique blend that is easier on your pets digestive system with better absorption and the flavors your pet will love.

If you are looking to add CBD therapy to help your pet with a myriad of ailments both common and serious, or, you just want to help keep your pet healthier with a daily regime, then new CannazALL Pets™ is the purrrfect way to administer important CBD therapy to your pet.


CannazALL Pets™ is…

A 100% organic whole plant product derived from hemp and specifically developed for pets

Completely safe to use for all pets and can be used along with medications, other supplements, and with special diets

Safe for any age pets

Free of animal products, completely vegan, non GMO, and free of preservatives


Legal in all 50 states without a prescription

Safe for human consumption

How CannazALL Pets™ works

All mammals have an EndoCannabinoid System, and therefore, all mammals can benefit from CBD therapy which helps boost the immune system protecting the body and helping the body to fight disease and also heal naturally. So, your pet can benefit from CannazALL Pets™ CBD therapy the same way that you can and to learn more about the EndoCannabinoid System and how CBD helps the body just check out all the important information under About CBD

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CannazALL Dosing For Your Pets

Dosing for pets is easy, and our specially formulated CannazALL Pets™ CBD products are developed so that your pet will enjoy taking CBD daily, as a treat, or simply put in food or on their favorite snack. Dosing recommendations are conveniently listed on the product labels and below.

Dosing: It is recommended to use one 2-3 drops (1-2mg of CBD) of CannazALL Pets™ Tincture per 10-lbs of your pet’s body weight. Of course you can use more,or less, depending on your pets needs and then monitor your pet’s improvement.

What pets can use CannazALL Pets™?


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All Mammals Big & Small

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What do pet owners use CannazALL Pets™ for?

Anxiety | Arthritis | Allergies | Digestive Issues | Inflammation | Joint & Mobility Issues | Pain | Homeostasis

Can I use CannazALL™ for all my pets, not just my dog or cat?

Yes, CannazALL Pets™ can be given to any pet and any size. Because CannazALL Pets™ is a all natural, organic product, with no GMO’s that you can give to your pets with complete confidence and safety.

We recommend following our dosing guidelines based on the weight of your pet and administering accordingly until the desired result or relief is reached. We hope you find that starting your pet on a CBD regimen is just what your pet needs for optimal health.

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What if my pet has a specific medical condition?

At CannazALL™ we are not veterinarians and we cannot discuss specific medical conditions that that may affect your pet. In addition, we operate under strict FDA guidelines and compliances and this prohibits us from discussing medical conditions and diseases specific to any individual person or pet.

However, most pet owners who use CannazALL Pets™ try it for at least a week or two before deciding if CannazALL Pets™ is right for their pet. In addition, we urge you to do your own research on CBD, as this information is readily available online, or learn more about CBD here.

We then urge you to try CannazALL Pets™ because we have developed the finest USA grown and formulated CBD products for pets at the most competitive pricing possible. Plus, all CannazALL Pets™ products carry the same money-back guarantee as our CannazALL™ products for people.





Are there any side effects with other medications or supplements?


No, there are no widely-known side effects or negative interactions with using CannazALL Pets™ with other medications and supplements. In fact, you do not have to change any medication or supplement regimen your pet is currently on.

We encourage you to get your pet started on a CBD regimen today for optimal health.

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Should I be concerned that CannazALL Pets™ can make my pet feel “high”?

No. CannazALL Pets™ products do not contain illegal amounts of THC and are completely non-Psychoactive. However, many customers report that their pet does seem to be in a better mood, and a little less stressed when given CannazALL Pets™, but you know your pet best and should be able to see positive benefits if they occur.

Many people even find CannazALL Pets™ can offer great relief from normal stress and anxiety that we see our pets experiencing, and a regular CBD regimen can offer many benefits for you furry friend. Your pet will feel like they slept in baby crib sheets.

What makes CannazALL Pets™

CannazALL Pets™ are specially formulated, and flavored, for pets and other animals. Everything, from the amount of CBD and additional Terpenes, natural plant materials and botanicals, is developed to work best in animals and their digestive systems.

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How quickly will I see results when giving CannazALL Pets to my pet?

CannazALL Pets™ is developed to begin working and having an effect within about an hour, and most pet owners report they notice benefits within the first hour or two.

For more persistent and serious issues, this may take several days. However, just as with people, it is suggested that you increase the dosage until the desired effect is obtained.

You can then start scaling back until a happy medium is found. Again, just as with people, we find that CBD therapy is best used more long term, as a vital and beneficial part of daily life.

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