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Why Take CBD Oil Under the Tongue? Explained in Details
cbd oil

CBD oil, and the various other types of CBD products available now, are absolutely booming. What was once a niche product for people who were willing to try something new, is now a life-changing, natural, effective supplement that is helping millions across the country every day.


However, with this big boost in popularity, there are a lot of new users who don’t understand how to properly use one of the most basic and effective CBD products around.


Did you know that you don’t just dump a dropper of CBD oil into your mouth and gulp it down? Nope. You’re supposed to place it under your tongue.


That’s not for some silly reason like gargling wine around to unlock all its flavors and coat the palette. There’s a real scientific reason for it, and if you’re not taking your CBD oil under your tongue, you’re taking it wrong.


We’re going to go into great detail as to how you should be taking CBD oil and why you need to do it; complete with details about what effects it can produce with proper usage.


Let’s get started.



What is CBD?


Before we get started, you need to know what CBD is, and subsequently, what CBD oil is. Let’s start with CBD.


CBD is a cannabinoid found in both hemp and marijuana plants. This usually makes newbies think of it as marijuana and THC, but it’s completely different.


Marijuana does contain CBD, but its main cannabinoid is THC; a psychoactive chemical that causes the “high” you probably experienced while you “experimented” in high school or college. THC is illegal in some places, and while it produces some psychoactive effects that many people enjoy, it’s not the health-conscious supplement that CBD is.


In contrast, CBD is a cannabinoid that has no psychoactive effects, and it produces several natural benefits such as anti-inflammatory reactions, anti-cancer effects, mood stabilization, and much more; all without the “high” that people experience with marijuana. It’s also legal across the US, and it’s the main cannabinoid found in hemp; a cannabis plant that is related to marijuana, but has different cannabinoid ratios and a low amount of THC.


Because of this, CBD is extracted from hemp plants, and great care is taken to ensure no THC enters the CBD extract. If purchased from a proper manufacturer such as CannazALL. the CBD is lab-tested to ensure it has 0% THC.


What is CBD Oil?


Now that you know what CBD is, let’s talk about CBD oil.


CBD oil is a product that is made with CBD extracted from hemp plants. It’s one of the simplest types of CBD products, and it’s usually one of the more potent and cost-effective options.


It’s fairly standard to find CBD oil in 1-ounce tinctures with 500mg or more CBD per bottle, and they begin to be considered high-potency options when they reach the 1000mg range.


These tinctures are made by combining the extracted CBD with oil to make a solution. At CannazALL, we use high-quality organic grapeseed oil. This is a light, healthy oil that doesn’t ruin the flavor of the tincture, but other companies use other oils. Some cheaper varieties will use basic vegetable oil, while others use olive or various popular food-grade oils.


Then, it’s fairly common to add flavoring. Again, at CannazALL we typically use 100% organic peppermint oil to add a bold but mature flavor to our oil, but other companies have their own flavor ingredients or aromatics. Some oils are left unflavored to make them more flexible when adding them to food dishes. You can find some of these in our shop, and they’re available elsewhere in the industry.


Finally, there are special tincture formulas offered that add things such as melatonin or vitamins. These are marketed based on their intended effect. For example, melatonin formulas are typically labeled as sleep-oriented CBD products, and various vitamins are marketed for wellness or mental health. It’s important to note that these added ingredients usually don’t give CBD an added benefit, but they instead compound its natural benefits to focus on a specific effect.


For this guide, we will be focusing on a standard CBD oil, as they’re all taken the same way. However, you should obviously use the melatonin formulas around bedtime despite them being taken the same way.


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Reasons to Take CBD Oil


CBD oil produces a number of benefits that are sure to benefit your life. It’s also completely safe as long as you don’t take a medicine that warns you not to eat grapefruit, as it has the same effects as grapefruit on your P450 inhibitors and CYPs. This can affect the efficacy of your statin meds, and it’s recommended not to take CBD if you are on such medicine.


If that’s not a problem, here are the life-changing benefits you can expect.




Inflammation causes things such as arthritis and some forms of pain, and it can create swelling around your joints that is both painful and limits movement range. CBD can reduce this inflammation within minutes and relieve the symptoms you’re suffering from.


Mood Stabilization:


CBD stimulations endorphin inhibitors. This allows your brain to naturally produce more serotonin, dopamine, and other endorphins that are key for living life with a high-quality mood. If you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, or chronic stress, consider CBD as a natural treatment. Of course, if you have a clinical condition causing those issues, speak to your doctor about therapy or treatment that can work alongside your CBD regimen.




As a sort of double-edged sword, many illnesses require plenty of nutrients to get over, but they also cause vomiting. This prevents you from getting the nutrients you need.


Luckily, a dose of CBD can help you keep your food down during these situations and help you get the nutrients you need to feel better.


This is particularly useful when you’re sick, or if you’re dealing with a serious issue such as chemotherapy that makes something as simple as eating nearly impossible.


Pain Relief:


Chronic pain is a major issue for much of the working class. Long days bending and lifting heavy objects lead to record-high back pain patients, and unfortunately, many of these people end up taking ridiculous amounts of ibuprofen or seeking surgical options for relief.


CBD can help manage this pain without all of that with topical creams, gummies, and yes, simple CBD oils.


If you’re suffering from chronic pain, try CBD before you take drastic measures or pills that have negative effects in the long term.


Sleep Aid:


Since CBD stimulates serotonin production, it helps with sleep as well as mood stabilization. Serotonin helps trigger the natural sleep cycle, and it can lead to a healthy night’s sleep without all of the grogginess and discomfort that unnatural sleep aids cause.


Why CBD Oil Needs to be Taken Under the Tongue


CBD oil is a delicate solution that can be ravaged by the digestive system. If you just pour it into your mouth, saliva can start the degradation process, and then as it slips into the esophagus and travels to the harsh acid of the stomach, it can lose even more of its potency. This can lead to you experiencing lackluster effects and thinking that the CBD simply doesn’t work when in reality, you’re taking it wrong.


In contrast, taking it under the tongue, or sublingually as it is officially called, allows it to take a different, less harsh route throughout your system.


For this, you need to understand a couple of lesser-known facts about your mouth.


First, saliva isn’t just a lubricant. It’s the first part of the breakdown process after you mash up your food with your teeth, and it helps to remove things in your mouth and transport them to the stomach; where they’re broken down even more by stomach acid. Considering CBD oil is a delicate solution, just that part of the process can lead to major degradation. Then, it has to go through the liver for even more degradation. By the time your bloodstream starts absorbing it, you’ve lost the majority of its potency.


Secondly, there’s a neat part of your mouth located under the tongue that you may not know about. It’s called the mucus membrane.


This mucus membrane allows the CBD to pass directly to the bloodstream. Yes, it is affected slightly by minor amounts of saliva, but it avoids the digestive system and the liver and goes straight to your brain.


This does two things. First, it makes the CBD oil take effect much faster, and second, it prevents the potency-degrading effects of the digestive system to allow you to get the full effect of the CBD.


This is the same reason certain heart attack medications are taken under the tongue; it’s faster and more effective.


Note that this is only necessary for CBD oil. If you prefer gummies, capsules.


How to Take CBD Sublingually


Taking CBD sublingually is necessary if you want to get your money’s worth from your favorite CBD oils. However, it’s not rocket science, and you can easily adapt your administration method to do it properly.


Here, we’ll go over each step in detail.


cbd oil under the tongue


Choosing the Right Oil:


First, you obviously need a good CBD oil that matches your needs before you can start taking it. We recommend our CannazALL line of CBD tinctures. We have them in various potencies ranging from 250mg to 1000mg ultra-potent formulas. You can also find various special formulas made with melatonin for sleep or vitamins for certain wellness effects.


Choose the potency and formula that matches your expectations, and don’t just go for the cheapest option. You want a high-quality product at a great price.




CBD oil typically comes in 1-ounce bottles with built-in droppers. These droppers are the perfect measurement devices, and it’s usually a good idea to start with just one full dropper of CBD oil. If you notice you want more potent effects or maybe less potent effects, you can adjust your dosage. There’s no worrying about overdosing. So, it all comes down to personal preference.


However, definitely start with just a single dropper for your first usage.




Once you’ve measured your CBD oil, tilt your head and raise the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Carefully open your mouth, place the tip of the dropper under your tongue, and gently squeeze the bulb on the end of the dropper until the full dose of CBD is released under your tongue.




Do not immediately swallow. That defeats the purpose of sublingual application. Instead, hold the CBD oil under your tongue for it to fully absorb into your mucus membrane. This doesn’t take long at all.




After a few minutes, you should experience the first effects of your CBD oil starting to present itself. This is a very fast-acting delivery method for your CBD oil. So, you don’t need to wait too long for relief.


Sublingual Delivery for CBD Oil is The Best Way to Take it


As you can see, CBD oil needs to be taken under the tongue. Taking it like you would cough medicine gives it too much time to break down and lose its potency, and you won’t experience a lot of the benefits you paid good money for.


By taking it sublingually, you can avoid the digestive system and liver and send the CBD straight to the bloodstream, and it’s in no way a difficult task, either.


However, you do need high-quality CBD oil to experience these awesome effects regardless of how you take it. For that, we recommend 100% organic CannazALL CBD.


CannazALL is America’s top CBD manufacturer, and we use the highest quality ingredients and extraction processes to ensure you get a pure CBD experience with none of the fluff.


If you’re looking for life-changing relief, browse our massive selection of high-quality CBD products. We have tinctures, gummies, capsules, topical creams, and more for all your CBD needs.


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