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CBD for Toothache: Does It Help? [2022 Explanation]
cbd for toothache

With the recent legalization of CBD products throughout much of the United States, CBD has quickly become a major go-to source of pain relief for many who may be suffering from any number of ailments.


While it’s true that CBD can help relieve pain in a wide variety of health issues, is it effective in reducing pain felt from toothaches? In this article, we’re going to explore just how effective CBD is when used to treat the pain from toothaches. Keep reading now to learn everything you need to know about CBD and whether or not it helps with toothaches.


What Is CBD?


Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a medicinal compound that is closely related to the recreational marijuana plant. It has been used as a medicinal aid for hundreds of years, ranging far back into human history. Its pain-reducing effects are undeniable, though this does not necessarily mean it’s a cure-all for every ailment.


CBD adjusts the activity of cannabinoid receptors, which are found in the nervous system and throughout the body in various areas. Through this cooperation, CBD helps lower irritation in the body, which is a typical cause of pain, which includes toothaches. In any case, the reason for the aggravation ought to be analyzed by a dental specialist. Involving CBD in dental pain will not solve the root of the problem.


This next section reveals insight into all possible areas of use with regard to CBD and dental wellness.


cbd oil for toothache


The Science Behind Using CBD for Toothaches


The research into the utilization of CBD for dental pain is light. One review from a University in Brazil examined the impacts of CBD on the dental bones of rodents with incited periodontitis. The researchers affirmed that the rodents treated with CBD oil had less bone deterioration and lessened inflammation than the rodents that were not treated with it.


Obviously, it takes something beyond one review to reach concrete conclusions regarding the use of CBD to treat toothache pain, so we’ll have to see more human results before CBD turns out to be acknowledged as a legitimate treatment among dental experts.


In any case, loads of assets have been allocated toward the examination of CBD for easing torment and aggravation brought about by other medical issues.


As indicated by a 2020 study, CBD is known to reduce immune response and lessen inflammation. Cannabinoids have been referenced in scientific studies as a common treatment for inflammation that could be utilized in the administration of pain that is challenging to treat.


Does CBD Oil Help with Gum Disease?


Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is a disease of the gums caused by the development of plaque around the teeth. That development is filled with microbes that live in the mouth. Whenever left unattended, it can cause pain, inflammation, and blood in the gums. In severe cases, it might even cause the loss of surrounding teeth.


CBD works as a supplement for the oral microbiome. The presence of CBD increases the biodiversity of oral microbes, which can promote tooth and gum health. In one review where samples of dental plaque were gathered from patients and treated with dynamic mixtures in lab dishes, CBD excelled at decreasing plaque buildup over multiple different kinds of toothpaste.


The most recent study on gum disease and tooth pain demonstrates that it comes from unevenness in the oral microbiome, and oils containing CBD seem to be one of the likely answers for the issue.


CBD’s Impact on Tooth Sensitivity


Pain and discomfort brought on by tooth sensitivity come from an external source, dissimilar to toothache, which starts inside the tooth. At the point when the underlying foundations of the tooth become permeable, the nerve inside becomes painful.


So in the event that you eat frozen yogurt or drink cold beverages, it can make your teeth ache. CBD is known for its capacity to relieve nerve sensitivity, so it might actually further develop your teeth’s ability to withstand sensitivity. However, this may stay a hypothesis until human trials are completed regarding this matter.


Does CBD Work for Cavities and Tooth Decay?


Each time you eat food, the leftovers are eaten by the microorganisms in your mouth, which prompts lower pH levels. This can add to the demineralization of the teeth, which is the way holes form, causing cavities. Eating and drinking day after day keep the teeth from re-mineralizing or re-constructing their proper form and shape. CBD may not be able to stimulate remineralization on its own, though it may be able to help promote healthy microbial diversity in the mouth.


Does CBD Help with Teeth Grinding?


Grinding of the teeth, or bruxism, can be isolated into two separate instances: daytime grinding and evening grinding. Daytime grinding frequently happens from emotional pressure or tension, so CBD might prove to be useful because of its anxiolytic and stimulant-like properties. It’s known to help the body relax as it’s used.


Evening grinding, then, is more akin to a mechanical issue, like sleep apnea or a constrained airway. CBD helps to facilitate our sleep-wake cycles, so it might likewise lessen teeth grinding at night. It may not solve the problem outright though.


CBD’s Effects on TMJ/TMD


This somewhat new term alludes to a clicking or popping sound in the temporomandibular joint that can cause a lot of inflammation. This joint is what connects the jawbone to the rest of the skull. It can become irritated due to a wide scope of elements: bad bite alignment, teeth grinding, poorly developed orthodontics, genetics, injury to the jaw, or sleep issues.


Despite the fact that CBD oil doesn’t focus on the reason behind TMD, it might bring down inflammation in the jawbone to the skull joint and subsequently decrease the aggravation brought about by TMJ.


In a recent randomized trial run in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, trial members with TMD in the experimental group rubbed CBD oil on the joints two times a day for a considerable length of time, while patients in the controlled group applied a fake treatment balm.


Toward the conclusion of the trial, the CBD experimental group demonstrated a 70% decrease in pain contrasted with a mere 10% improvement in the fake treatment group.


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Is Dry Mouth a Side Effect of CBD?


The sensation of dry mouth is the general result of all marijuana plants, including CBD-rich hemp. CBD acts with cannabinoid receptors in the salivary organs, reducing the emission of salivation. This is


an issue for individuals with toothaches since salivation works as a fundamental part in the cleaning of your teeth, keeping their minerals built up and forestalling the formation of cavities.


Luckily, you can fix dry mouth with a couple of basic tricks. You can drink more water or utilize a mouthwash to stimulate salivation. Gum containing xylitol likewise increases how much saliva is in the mouth. Avoid tea, espresso, and liquor, as they are known for exacerbating dry mouth symptoms.


What is the Cause of Toothaches?


Most toothache cases are brought about by a disease inside the tooth known as pulpitis. The center of the tooth, which is the place where the nerves and veins are found, turns out to be delicate and thick. The nerves empower us to feel touch and temperature through the teeth, so when the pulp is harmed or infected, we start to feel tooth pain.


Infection is really the greatest reason for toothaches. It influences both the gums and encompassing bones, with the potential to cause a lot of damage if left untreated.


To give you an idea of what to look for, common reasons for toothaches include:


  • Gum disease
  • Pulp Infection
  • Injury
  • Post-medical procedure
  • Referred pain
  • Tooth decay


A lack of teeth brushing, and poor cleanliness help to increase the number of microscopic organisms in the mouth. At the point when you experience a toothache, it’s usually best to visit a dental specialist, particularly assuming that the toothache is severe and persistent. Regular check-ups and cleaning should be done at regular intervals to forestall dental infections.


Next, let’s take a look at how CBD can help to reduce tooth pain and promote healing.


Using CBD for Dental Pain


Individuals have reported the most relief from toothaches while utilizing CBD topical treatments. Topical treatments are designed to affect specific target areas with increased effectiveness. At the point when CBD oil is absorbed through the gums, it acts with the cannabinoid receptors in the mouth, creating calming sensations and alleviating pain signals to the cerebrum.


Here are some well-known CBD products for toothaches.




CBD oil is the most widely recognized type of CBD. The hemp is suspended in a latent oil and applied with a dropper under the tongue. You can likewise add a couple of drops of CBD oil to your toothbrush with your typical toothpaste.


Rubbing the oil with a finger straight onto the pained tooth and encompassing area is one more method for conveying CBD oil to your system. You can also utilize CBD tinctures, which are a blend of CBD extracts with liquor. Tinctures are normally accessible in spray bottles to allow for easy use.


cbd gum for toothache


CBD Edibles or Capsules


CBD oil pills, or edibles like chewy candies, and honey sticks, won’t bring the quick relief that sublingual application can, in light of the fact that it takes an alternate pathway to arrive at the circulatory system.


Whenever you take an oral type of CBD, it has to go through the digestive system prior to reaching the cannabinoid receptors in your body. This prompts a deferred start; the impacts of CBD containers and edibles are generally felt following a period of 40 to 90 minutes, depending upon the user’s weight, digestion, and whether they took the CBD edible or capsule on a full or empty stomach. Despite this, the impacts actually last longer, usually around 10 hours. They can be helpful assuming the tooth is excessively painful to the touch, and you can’t get in to see your dentist right away.




While CBD gum isn’t the most well-known type of CBD out there, it gives you an advantageous and successful method for easing toothache. Obviously, it’s not recommended to chew the gum on the side of your mouth with the toothache. Yet doing so with the other side of your jaw, and sucking the gum’s substance, will transmit the CBD to the circulatory system through the minuscule vessels in your mouth, expanding its bioavailability.


CBD Toothpaste


Once more, while not a typical product you’d find at the store, CBD toothpaste encompasses all that you could really want to help ease dental pain. On top of the CBD, toothpaste contains a fat base and certain soothing compounds like menthol. CBD toothpaste is considered effective in light of the fact that it is applied directly to the affected tooth and surrounding area. You can even make your own CBD-infused toothpaste by just adding CBD oil to your standard toothpaste, or by combining a blend of coconut oil, CBD oil, baking soda, and peppermint drops.


The Verdict


So, after everything we just covered, does CBD oil really help to relieve the pain felt from toothaches? The answer is yes, in many instances, it will. Whether or not CBD will help to relieve pain from a toothache entirely depends on the reason behind the pain.


If you have a toothache from underlying jaw issues or any one of the other issues we described above, CBD may be less than effective. However, if the problem is originating from the tooth itself, then the use of CBD topical treatments will usually help to reduce pain. This is especially true in toothaches that are related to cavities, tooth decay, or localized gum disease.


CBD can help to reduce inflammation, pain, and can help to soothe the affected region. We hope this article has answered all your questions about CBD and its uses in treating toothaches! For more information on CBD, be sure to check out some of our other articles now.


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