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Can You Use CBD To Quit Smoking? Here’s the Answer

For those who have become dependent on smoking to relieve stress, anxiety, or simply just for fun, it can be extremely difficult to stop. Cigarettes are known to be addictive, so addictive that most people find it hard to fully stop smoking once it’s become a habit for them.


Of course, there are tons of remedies out there to try to get yourself to stop smoking. Many people simply rely on the “cold turkey” method, cutting off cigarettes all at once with nothing else to help with the addiction. Other people try nicotine patches or even vaping. No matter what method you choose, it can still be quite difficult to fully quit


Many smokers have started turning to CBD to help treat their addiction to cigarettes. But does CBD actually work? In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at whether or not CBD can help you to quit smoking. Keep reading now to learn everything you need to know about using CBD to quit smoking.


Why People Want to Quit Smoking


There are plenty of reasons that smokers are wanting to quit the cigarettes, and fast. Everyone’s heard of the negative impacts smoking has on your respiratory health, as well as the health of those around you. Second-hand smoke is also a real danger for people who live with a smoker. The chance of lung cancer increases exponentially for those who smoke heavily and for those who live with heavy second-hand smoke.


In recent years, the public’s general attitude toward smoking has become more negative than positive. In decades past, smoking was seen as a “cool” or “grown-up” thing to do, and that contributed to why so many people got hooked on cigarettes. Nowadays, however, with all the medical studies that have linked smoking to dangerous side effects, it has become far less cool.


And a last common reason that people might be trying to quit smoking is the cost of it. Cigarettes can be very expensive, especially for those smokers who go through one or more packs a day! If you think about the cost of one or two or three packs of cigarettes a day, that cost will really add up!


With all of these reasons to want to quit smoking, why then is it so difficult for so many smokers to just quit?


Can You Use CBD To Quit Smoking?


Why It’s So Hard to Quit Smoking


It’s all well and fine when a smoker wants to try to stop smoking, but this is much easier said than done. Because of the nicotine in cigarettes, smoking quickly becomes an addiction that your body depends on to stay feeling good and normal. Nicotine is a drug that gives your brain feelings of happiness every time you experience it, which makes smoking a relaxing part of a smoker’s routine.


Speaking of routine, many smokers just get in the habit of smoking, and it becomes a part of their daily routines. This makes it hard for them to stop because they start to miss the feeling of smoking at regular intervals throughout the day. Maybe they have come to rely on smoking to help them get through the day at work, or maybe they do it when they feel stressed. Stopping smoking can quickly overload smokers with feelings of stress and anxiety.


Lastly, another common reason why it’s hard to stop smoking is something called “oral fixation.” This is the phenomenon that describes the need to have something in one’s mouth during certain situations. For example, many smokers may come to rely on the feeling of having a cigarette in their mouth when they feel stressed. It works as a kind of soother or relaxer for them.


And one of the hardest things to overcome as a smoker in the inevitable withdrawals once you do quit. Your body will have a physiological reaction to the absence of the nicotine from cigarettes, which can make you feel and act horribly. Some things smokers may experience when going through withdrawals include feelings of irritation and anger, tremors, depression, anxiety, insomnia, difficulty focusing, and difficulty feeling pleasure.


This is a lot to go through just to quit smoking, right? Well, we know the pain is worth it. But there may be things that can help ease the transition so it’s not quite so difficult. CBD has become a new means of helping people to quit smoking. But does it really work?


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Does CBD Work for Quitting Smoking?


So, after all we’ve explained about quitting smoking, is CBD really the answer? People have tried hundreds of things over the years to help them quit smoking in an easier way, without all the nasty side effects of withdrawals. In recent years, CBD has been making a splash as a potential treatment for those who are trying to quit smoking.


In a recent study from 2013, it was found that CBD had a positive effect on smokers who were trying to quit smoking. It found that smokers smoked around 40% less cigarettes while being treated with CBD. The study goes on to establish that any drug that works to alter the endocannabinoid system could prove to be an effective treatment for those suffering from a nicotine addiction.


In addition to these findings, another study in 2015 found that the therapeutic properties of CBD could work to help people dealing with addiction. CBD’s protective effects on stress vulnerabilities and neurotoxicity can help to drastically reduce the stress felt by those who are being weaned off addictive substances, like nicotine in cigarettes.


What is the endocannabinoid system, you ask? The endocannabinoid system in your body works to balance your body’s chemical levels. Some things that it affects include mood, pain response, immune system, appetite, blood pressure, and more. CBD has been proven to help balance the endocannabinoid system when it gets out of whack. So, as such, taking CBD can help to balance all of these factors, improving your mood and making it easier for you to stop smoking in the long run. In fact, CBD has been proven to activate many of the same cell receptors that become activated from using antidepressants. These drugs have sometimes been prescribed to those who are suffering from nicotine withdrawals when trying to quit smoking, and CBD can oftentimes have the same mood elevating effects.


Yes, CBD will release “feel good” hormones and chemicals in your brain, things like serotonin and dopamine. These “feel good” chemicals have often been proven to help those struggling with addiction to any kind of addictive substance or habit.


Additionally, as we’ve mentioned earlier in the article, the habit of smoking can become associated with some other habitual behavior such as drinking coffee. When two addictive actions like these become linked, it can make it that much more difficult to resist when that action is taken.


For example, if a smoker has a habit of smoking a cigarette with their morning coffee, the act of drinking coffee in the morning will make them feel like they need a smoke. This can make it even harder for smokers to quit smoking, as they will often not want to quit the other action that has become associated with it. A smoker who is trying to quit smoking is probably not also trying to quit drinking coffee at the same time.


However, as desperate a situation as this sounds, CBD can help. In many cases, CBD has been able to replace the act of smoking that has become linked to other actions (like drinking coffee).


Using CBD To Quit Smoking


So, if you’ve decided to give CBD a go at helping you to quit smoking, you may be wondering where to start. That’s okay, because in this section of the article, we’re going to tell you how to do just that.


CBD is a non-addictive and non-intoxicating substance derived from cannabis plants that has been proven to have pain relieving and relaxing properties. Such properties can provide a wealth of benefits for those who are trying to quit smoking, allowing them to relax and reducing the effects of nicotine withdrawals. CBD can help to reduce anxiety, stress, and even pain in those who take it.


And what’s more, CBD has been approved as legal in all 50 states! You won’t have to worry about getting a doctor’s approval to use it, which makes using it a whole lot easier.


Now, if you’re wondering what kind of CBD product would be best to use for helping you to quit smoking, we can help with that too. There is a wide range of CBD products that you could potentially use to help with nicotine addiction, including CBD tinctures, CBD vapes, dabs, chewing gum, or even CBD cigarettes.


Since smoking weed alone is not the most practical remedy for a bad smoking habit, CBD can be a much more effective solution. The use of CBD, in whichever form you prefer, can quickly come to replace cigarettes in associated behaviors and in strong habits. You’ll find the urge to smoke will lessen over time and the effects of withdrawals will be reduced.


Returning to the morning coffee example above, using CBD in the morning through chewing gum, dabs, or even CBD cigarettes can take the place of the habit of lighting up a normal cigarette. A smoker’s mind will still produce those “feel good” chemicals that they normally experience from smoking while they drink their morning coffee. This serotonin will help to ease the onset of withdrawals from an absence of nicotine, while still satisfying habitual urges and associated behaviors.



Best CBD Products from CannazALL to Help You Quit Smoking


CannazALL has quickly become one of the leading providers of quality CBD products in the industry, striving to create the healthiest and most potent, effective CBD products that can be found on the market today. They have thousands of customer reviews and testimonials professing the quality and effectiveness of their products, allowing you to rest easy when you choose any of their products.


Their CBD Oil is derived from 100% Colorado grown Hemp, grown by the finest department of agriculture Hemp strains available. This means there are no pesticides, GMO’s, or heavy metals used in its cultivation. Additionally, you can be sure that THC levels are under the FDA legal limit guidelines.


CannazALL’s secret to success lies in their commitment to provide quality products to their customers, all while demonstrating their strict adherence to quality and their passion for the industry. So, what kinds of products do they offer?


CannazALL offers CBD in multiple different forms, including CBD Oil, CBD tinctures, CBD skin salves to be absorbed through the skin, CBD Full-Spectrum Hemp Soft Gels, and even CBD Gummies. No matter your preference, they’ve got a CBD product to help. If you find one type of CBD doesn’t work out too well, you have other options to try.


Final Thoughts


CBD, derived from cannabis plants, has become an increasingly popular treatment for many common ailments and health issues, including addiction. So, is it possible for CBD to help you quit smoking? The answer is yes, CBD’s relaxing and pain reducing properties make it a natural choice for treating nicotine addiction.


Also, because it comes in various forms, you can be sure to find a way to implement it into your daily schedule in place of a cigarette. If you’re used to taking a smoke at your lunch break, for example, a quick CBD gummy, dab, or even a CBD cigarette can be an easy replacement. CBD will help to reduce pain from withdrawals, lower anxiety and stress in the body, and have a generally soothing and calming effect overall.


For those of you who are trying to quit smoking, or who may have tried in the past with little success, CBD is a natural alternative to try out. To find the perfect CBD product for you to quit smoking today, be sure to head to CannazALL’s website to check out their selection of high-quality CBD products now.


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