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The Best Value CBD for the Best Price
best value cbd

Finding CBD products that perfectly balance value, price, and quality can be a bit difficult as the market becomes more saturated. There are simply too many options from too many brands, and you usually have to sift through various products before finding a good match. 


If you’re looking to get a good bang for your buck, there are some tricks you can use to make your search a lot easier, though. 


So, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks for finding the best value CBD products, and we’ve even listed some of our favorites to help cut your search short. 


Let’s get started. 


What is Value CBD? 


When you’re looking for the best value CBD, you’re not necessarily looking at the cheapest products possible. You’re looking to get the most for your investment; even if it costs a little bit more upfront. 


For example, a $30 jar of 20 CBD gummies with isolated CBD wouldn’t be nearly as good of a value as a $40 jar of 30 CBD gummies made from far more premium ingredients. Even though the better product technically costs more, the extra ten dollars gets you a far better product and more of it. 


We’ll be focusing this list on products that provide an exceptional value for your investment. 


Here are some of the specifics we’ll be looking at. 


Quality of CBD:


Not all CBD is made the same. Some products, especially the more inexpensive options, use isolates that only contain a small portion of the compounds present in CBD. This creates a cheaper product, and some isolates are made to focus on a specific effect, but it provides a much less complete experience. 


best value cbd


In contrast, better products have full-spectrum CBD that provides a complete experience and the full benefits CBD has to offer. Unless you’re looking for a very specific experience such as an immune-boosting supplement without any of the other effects, it’s far better to get a product containing full-spectrum CBD. 


Finally, some CBD brands go a step above simply using full-spectrum CBD, and they infuse extra terpenes, botanicals, and other enjoyable hemp substances into the final product to ensure you get the best product possible. If available at a good price, the best value CBD will give you the best experience. 




Potency is another key factor to look at. The milligrams of CBD per unit of product is one of the most important aspects of finding the best value product. 


Ideally, small items such as gummies should have 25mg to 50mg of CBD per gummy to produce noticeable effects. Note: That’s a per-piece amount of CBD. For products such as salves and tinctures, which aren’t separated into individual doses, the total MG should be between 400mg and 1000mg depending on the type of product and its intended use. 


Some cheaper products use less CBD, or they make claims such as having 300mg in a jar of gummies, but that’s spread across the entire package. Overall, this means each time you use the product the effect will be far less impactful, and that’s even less so if the product also uses isolated CBD. 




Quantity is important. You can find top-tier quality products cheaply if you buy small amounts such as sample packs, but those are usually meant for first-time users or those who are on a very tight budget and just need something to get by. They don’t provide as much value, because they usually don’t have a lot of contents per package, and the price-to-quantity ratio is usually slightly higher. 


Most of your high-value products will have more substantial quantities and cost more, but the price per MG of CBD or doses will be lower. 


Quality of Ingredients:


Regardless of what the product is, there’s usually much more than just raw CBD in it. Salves require ingredients to make the cream the CBD binds to, tinctures require multiple oils and extracts to form a solution, and gummies quite obviously require several things to create that classic gummy texture and flavor. 


Cheap products usually use lower quality ingredients that may or may not contain GMOs, chemical solvents, and various other things you don’t want in your CBD if you can help it. The highest-priced products often have bougie ingredients that serve little purpose other than to push the brand’s marketing.


In contrast, high-value products tend to use premium ingredients that are safe and natural, but they don’t go to any extremes like only using beeswax from some sort of exotic bee species or other nonsense. 


Top Value-Driven CBD Products: The List


The following products provide an exceptional value in terms of overall quality, potency, and quality for the price. They’re not the cheapest, but they provide far more value than the most expensive options out there. 


Optimum 30-Count Gummies 


CannazALL’s Optimum line of CBD gummies presents a tremendous value at a reasonable price. 


best value cbd


The price of the 30-count jar is $58 at full price, but CannazALL frequently puts the product on sale, and they usually pair it with a free bonus product. As of the time of this writing, it can be grabbed for $31 with six extra gummies included. So, a little patience can increase the value of this deal even more. 


For that price, you get a jar of 30 CBD gummies of the finest quality. They’re made from organic, GMO-free, pesticide-free products, and they’re naturally flavored with Elderberry. This produces a natural product that is both good for your body and mildly sweet. 


best value cbd


Each gummy has 25mg of full-spectrum CBD; no isolated CBD or inferior mixes. However, the product is elevated by added terpenes and botanicals. So, you not only get the full CBD experience with each gummy, but you get a bit extra to increase the impact of the effects and provide a truly enjoyable experience. 


While this is one of the higher-priced items on this list, it comes with a substantial quantity of product, and every part of the product is the highest quality possible without being unreasonable. For the price, you really can’t get a better deal without sacrificing quality somewhere down the line. 




  • High quality for a reasonable upfront cost
  • Higher quantity than similar products
  • Often on sale for more value
  • Created with care and attention to detail
  • Premium CBD with added terpenes and botanicals




  • Higher upfront cost than other list items at full price


CannazALL Ultra Peppermint Tincture


CannazALL’s Ultra tincture is probably one of the best values you’ll find in the CBD industry. It costs $49 per 1-ounce bottle at full price, but its exceptional quality, high potency, and every other aspect of it make it worth much more than you’re paying. 


best value cbd


The Ultra version of CannazALL’s popular peppermint tincture is packed with 1000mg of the finest CBD you can get. It’s full-spectrum CBD harvested from the best plants around, and there are extra terpenes and botanicals added to heighten your experience. 


It’s also made from peppermint extract and grapeseed that come from GMO-free, pesticide-free sources, and they contain zero alcohol or chemical solvents. 


With just a tiny amount of this tincture, you will experience the full range of effects from CBD in a matter of minutes; allowing you to use far less product less frequently to stretch the 1-ounce contents for a fairly long time. 


In comparison, the mid-range option from CannazALL costs $43, and it only has 500mg of CBD per volume. You’re getting twice the potency, with the same exceptional level of quality, for just $6 more. 


Of course, you should be a little cautious when taking tinctures. As you can see, there’s quite a bit of CBD packed into this 1-ounce bottle, and overdoing it is just a waste. That lowers its user-friendliness score slightly. 


Luckily, it’s not hard to measure out the appropriate amount with the included dropper. 




  • Twice the potency of its runner-up for just $6 more
  • Highest quality ingredients at a reasonable price
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Added terpenes and botanicals
  • GMO-free, pesticide-free, organic ingredients
  • No alcohol or chemical solvents




  • It is highly potent, and you need to use it in small amounts. You might overdo it and simply waste more than you need to


Optimum All-Purpose CBD Salve


One of the most common uses for CBD is as a pain reliever. Things such as arthritis, injuries and muscle pain due to athletic endeavors, and other forms of minor chronic pain can all be relieved with CBD if it’s used properly and of high quality. If that’s what you want to use CBD for, you’ll get the most bang for your buck from CannazALL’s All-Purpose Salve. 


best value cbd


For $31, you’ll receive a 4-ounce jar of high-quality salve designed specifically to help with the aforementioned issues. Each jar has 400mg per volume of full-spectrum CBD with added terpenes and botanicals. Since this is a topical product, some of the effects people experience by ingesting CBD are lessened or not very noticeable, but the pain-relieving effects are instantly impactful, and it works quite well as a lotion, too. 


Of course, the scent is always important with topical creams. Everyone knows what it’s like to wear something pungent and feel embarrassed in public. That’s not an issue with this salve. It’s nearly scent-free on its own, and the addition of lavender and eucalyptus extracts gives it a pleasant, yet mild, aroma. 


In comparison with other products in this price range, you get nearly twice the amount of product as other brands, every ingredient is high-quality and chosen with a purpose, and the product will last a long time; giving you an awesome bang for your buck. However, it’s not for those who want to enjoy the full effects of CBD since it’s meant for topical use. 




  • Long-lasting, reliable product for just $31
  • More quantity than similar brands
  • Highest quality CBD
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Fast-acting for a number of topical uses
  • 100% natural, organic ingredients free of pesticides, alcohol, or chemical solvents




  • It’s a topical cream. So, it’s less useful if you want the full CBD experience


CannazALL SoftGels (25mg 30-Count)


CannazALL’s SoftGels are very similar to the gummies listed earlier in terms of potency and overall quality. They simply deliver the CBD in a different way. 


best value cbd


Like the gummies, these have 25mg of full-spectrum CBD with added terpenes and botanicals for a greater overall experience. There are also 30 SoftGel capsules per jar, and the price is the same as the gummies. 


Since these are capsule-style products, the flavor isn’t all that important. You won’t really get the opportunity to taste it. 


However, the SoftGels do differ from the gummies in some meaningful ways. First of all, they’re a more discreet product. It’s much less attention-grabbing to take a capsule that looks just like Ibuprofen or another over-the-counter medication than it is to pull out a jar of odd gummies or a tincture. This makes them great for on-the-go daily use. 


Also, they tend to absorb more quickly like a tincture since the body doesn’t have to break down a gummy substance to get the CBD out of the product. In short, they’re a little better for more medical-based applications that need to be handled very quickly, but they’re also fine for use as a daily supplement or similar product. 


There aren’t many cons to these. They’re efficient, no-nonsense, capsules that get the job done well. You also get plenty of SoftGel capsules for your investment, and the quality of each one is superb. Notably, you might miss out on the fun of eating a gummy, but that’s about it. 




  • Highly potent
  • Highest quality CBD
  • Reasonable price for a lot of doses
  • Often on sale
  • Vegan friendly
  • More discreet than gummies




  • You might want the more casual and playful experience you get from gummies


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best value cbd

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