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The Benefits of CBD for Pets – All You Need to Know in 2022
cbd for pets

For many of us, our pets are more than just furry companions; they’re members of our families, and we truly want the best for them in every way possible.


Unfortunately, just like humans, pets can suffer from a number of ailments that are fairly difficult to treat, and it may seem like the only option is to take drastic measures or simply try to ease their pain as much as possible.


Well, that’s not the case.


The same CBD boom that has been helping humans with many of their psychological and physical ailments is now available for pets, and the results are astounding.


You might be a little hesitant about giving your pet anything that doesn’t come directly from their vet due to their dramatically different physiology than humans, but trust us; that’s doing your pet a disservice.


Here are all the benefits and health facts you need to know regarding your pets and CBD in 2022.


What is CBD for Pets?


The CBD that goes into CBD pet products is the exact same as what you get in your personal CBD products. There’s no separate plant used or any special chemical cocktails added; it’s just pure, amazing, CBD oil.


However, because pets tend to digest things differently or handle certain ingredients differently, manufacturers are extra careful when creating the secondary formulas for their CBD products. For example, in a CBD oil for pets, the CBD will be exactly the same, but the oil might be simple grapeseed oil without the flavor additives that are often included in human products. This simple change helps prevent upsetting their stomachs, and they can enjoy the benefits of CBD 100%.


This is why it’s important to choose CBD products that are labeled for use with pets, too. When a manufacturer makes CBD for humans, they don’t consider all the little things pets might be irritated by such as flavorings or melatonin. Make sure you purchase PET CBD to ensure it’s an enjoyable experience for your furry companion.


cbd for pets


Is CBD Safe for Pets?


CBD is 100% safe for pets. You don’t need to worry about overdoses, harmful side effects, or any other nasty possibilities popping up. However, as we said earlier, it’s important to make sure you give them CBD products designated for pets.


Human CBD products can have a wide variety of flavorings and secondary ingredients, that while perfectly safe and healthy for humans, can upset a pet’s stomach and make them feel somewhat ill. Some human products even contain melatonin, which in the wrong amounts, can make your dog overly tired. Don’t worry. Those are niche products and they’re clearly labeled.


As long as you purchase pet-oriented CBD products, you won’t have to worry about that. Manufacturers put extra care and attention into ensuring pet products are free of all ingredients with adverse effects on animals.


What CBD Products are Available for Pets?


The human CBD market is expansive, and you can find a massive variety of CBD products in tons of forms, flavors, and price ranges. With pets, your options are a little more limited.


Since pets aren’t likely to enjoy having a salve rubbed all over them or eating gummies that get stuck in their teeth, pet CBD products are typically just oil tinctures that you administer or dry goodies that resemble their normal treats in the case of dogs.


There really isn’t a need for more novel products like gummies, cookies, creams, shake mixes, and other wild CBD products that wind up on the shelves for humans.


free cbd samples


What Pets Can Use CBD?


CBD works on all mammals that have an endocannabinoid system. This is a system that regulates most bodily functions, and it’s found in nearly any animal with a backbone; including us.


So, technically most mammalian pets can take CBD and experience the benefits of it, but the most common, and most thoroughly researched, are cats, dogs, and horses. For less traditional mammalian pets, you should research whether or not they have an endocannabinoid system and what dosage is right for them.


The Benefits of CBD for Pets


CBD usually gets recommended for one or two of its benefits, but in reality, it can provide seven highly useful benefits for your pets.


Without any more small talk, let’s dive into the benefits you can expect CBD to provide for your pets.


Pain Relief:


This is one of the most sought-after benefits of pet CBD products. Animals such as horses and dogs are prone to experiencing painful injuries or ailments as they age, especially in certain dog breeds, and a proper regimen of CBD oil can help relieve that pain and give them their lives back.


This is particularly useful when older horses or sports-trained horses develop hoof or leg injuries that require a lot of downtimes to bounce back from.


However, it’s most commonly used with dog breeds that are known for developing hip, leg, and back problems with age.


This is important to note because many pet owners feel that these injuries are grounds for euthanasia, but CBD is an effective way to eliminate the pain and allow them to live a naturally healthy life.




Unfortunately, many dog breeds, and even some cats, are either born with conditions that can cause convulsions, or develop such illnesses as they age. These seizures can be horrifying for owners and extremely dangerous for pets, and they’re often a reason for pet owners to consider euthanasia instead of letting their pets suffer. This is sad, but it happens.


Luckily, CBD was tested and used extensively in human patients suffering from similar conditions, and it provided relief almost instantaneously. The differences between traditional medications and a quick dose of CBD tincture with pure oil were night and day.


Now, pets can get the same treatment, and it’s just as effective.


If your dog is suffering from any sort of ailment that causes convulsions, CBD might be the difference between living a high-quality life and passing away prematurely.




Just like humans, pets can suffer from inflammation that causes arthritis, pain, and a general lack of movement range that greatly reduces their quality of life. This is especially predominant in older dogs and cats, but it is known to begin fairly early with certain dog breeds.


CBD, and cannabis in general, is known as an anti-inflammatory treatment, and it can reduce or fully eliminate the side effects of this inflammation quickly. While arthritis is rarely life-threatening, can easily zap the liveliness out of your pet, and it’s highly uncomfortable. So, this is another life-changing benefit that can give your pet its youthful vigor back starting minutes after its first treatment.


If your older pet is suffering from joint pain, arthritis, or other symptoms caused by inflammation and is unable to comfortably carry out their day-to-day activities, try some pet CBD. The difference you’ll see in your pet is tremendous.


Stress Reliever:


Anxiety and depression aren’t exclusive to humans. Dogs and cats suffer from it all the time. This typically presents itself as seemingly random barking, aggression, nervousness around humans, or a general unwillingness to do the activities they once loved; much like their human counterparts.


Coincidentally, CBD can help relieve those symptoms just like it does with humans.


Like humans, dogs require serotonin, dopamine, and other endorphins to regulate their moods and reduce stress. CBD naturally increases the activity of the neurotransmitters that produce those endorphins in pets, and they can quickly feel relief from their anxiety, stress, and depression.


However, it’s important to note that this type of treatment will almost certainly be a daily occurrence. The CBD provides tremendous relief, and it’s long-lasting, but many cases of extreme stress come from lifestyle factors and environmental stimuli. If those aren’t resolved at their core, the symptoms will return when the CBD wears off.


Because of this, it’s recommended to use CBD as relief for chronic mood problems, or as a temporary treatment while you aim to resolve the real issue with cases that stem from environmental problems. However, it can be used any time your pet starts to show symptoms of a mood-related condition to help provide them relief within minutes.




Everyone vomits from time to time. That goes for your dogs and cats, too. They may eat something that upsets their stomach, get into something they’re not supposed to, or they may just feel a little under the weather. Either way, vomiting prevents them from getting the proper nutrients from food to stay healthy, and it’s something that needs to be treated quickly.


Luckily, this is another issue that CBD can treat extremely well. CBD can rest their digestive system and help prevent them from vomiting, and it may even increase their appetite.


This isn’t an issue that persists usually, so it may not seem like something to have CBD on hand for, but it is worth keeping a high-quality CannazALL pet CBD tincture in your medicine cabinet for those off days when your pet simply can’t keep food down.


Trust us, you’ll appreciate the quick relief whenever your pet does have a vomiting spell; it’s not comfortable for them, and it’s not fun for you to clean up.


cbd oil




Cancer is a destructive disease that causes tremendous pain for pretty much every part of the animal kingdom. With all the chaos it wreaks on our human family members, it can be easy to forget that even our pets can get cancer, and the effects are pretty much the same.


This can cause tremendous pain, vomiting, a constant feeling of sickness, and just overall a low quality of life. For these reasons, many pet owners opt to euthanize their pets after a serious cancer diagnosis to spare them the pain and misery accompanying the disease, but that’s not always necessary.


A regular CBD regimen can help pets overcome the effects of cancer and live life normally, and it can also help prevent cancer in the first place or slow its spread.


This is a life-saving benefit of CBD; so, it’s definitely worth considering if your pet has cancer or is likely to develop it.




Homeostasis is, in the simplest words, when your body’s various physical and chemical systems are all working as intended in harmony. It’s how you reach and maintain peak health. If just one bodily system isn’t performing well, the entire system feels the effects.


This is true for your pets, too. CBD, beyond providing relief for various symptoms and ailments, can help balance your pet’s bodily systems and promote peak health, or homeostasis, extremely effectively.


This can help your pet live longer, and the quality of their life will be much higher than if you allowed an imbalance to persist without treatment.


Try CannazALL for All Your Pet CBD Needs


As you can see, CBD can help your pet with some of the most serious ailments they can face, and it can promote a healthier and happier life overall. However, you can’t expect to get those benefits reliably from subpar products. You need a high-quality product from the best CBD manufacturer in the industry.


For that, you can trust CannazALL.


At CannazALL, we only use 100% organic, pure CBD in all of our products, and that goes for our pet products, too. We create extra potent CBD tinctures and various other products to ensure you and your pet can get real relief fast, and when it comes to our pet products, we pay extra attention to any flavoring ingredients or oils we use to ensure nothing can upset your dog’s delicate digestive system.


In short, we offer a pure, high-potency, CBD experience for you and your pet, and our products are guaranteed to be made to the highest standards possible for surefire results.


If your pet is suffering from pain, inflammation, stress, cancer, convulsions, or any of the other issues we talked about in this article, browse CannazALL’s pet-friendly CBD products, today and get your pet the fast-acting relief they deserve.


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