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4 Ways Supplements Can Help Make Your CBD More Effective
Effectiveness of CBD

Make your CBD more effective with supplements

The health benefits that hemp extract packs are a study in synergy. Rich in CBD and dozens of
phytocannabinoid compounds, hemp extract is able to deliver results that its constituent
compounds wouldn’t be capable of on their own. Together, they are able to help stabilize mood,
fight inflammation, and achieve many other effects that the body's own endocannabinoid system
is often not able to pull off on its own.

The entourage effect, as this phenomenon is known, can actually be extended beyond what the
compounds present in hemp extract are capable of. Many people don't realize that the
phytocannabinoids present in CBD-rich products like hemp extract can work well with natural
health supplements to deliver an even bigger entourage effect. If you know what you doing, and
choose the right supplements with help from your doctor, you can make the hemp extract or
other CBD products that you use more capable.

Cloves and black pepper: for all-round effectiveness

Spices such as black pepper, clove, and rosemary, are rich in a natural compound known as beta-
caryophyllene. Similar to the secondary cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD products, beta-
caryophyllene helps introduce stability to the body's own, natural endocannabinoid system.
When it comes to regulating inflammation, anxiety, and mood swings, the combination of full-
spectrum CBD with beta-caryophyllene can deliver greater effectiveness than either kind of
substance on its own. Supplements containing black pepper, rosemary, and clove can help make
hemp extract more effective.

Ashwagandha: to combat stress

Ashwagandha, like hemp, is an effective adaptogen or stress-buster. Research indicates that
regular use of ashwagandha helps the body achieve lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol
( If stress relief is an important reason why you choose to
use CBD-rich hemp extract, pairing it with ashwagandha can help strengthen its antistress effect.

Valerian: to help fight insomnia

Regular use of CBD can be of help when you suffer from insomnia. For many people, however,
combining CBD with herbal supplements such as valerian and passionflower, sleep inducers in
their own right, can be much more effective. While CBD helps the mind lose any lingering
anxiety, these other supplements help the brain remember when it's time to sleep.

Chasteberry: for painful periods

Hemp extract oil is often used to help ease the physical pain that can come with menstruation. To
help make hemp extract even more effective against this painful condition, however, it's possible
to get it to work with the Mediterranean fruit chaste berry. Supplements that contain extract of
this fruit are particularly effective at regulating hormonal levels during periods, and when paired
with the CBD in hemp extract can be especially efficient.

Certainly, CBD-rich hemp extract can be effective on its own helping with a number of health
conditions. Careful pairing with certain other supplements, however, can strengthen its effects. If
you use CBD, talking to your doctor about such complementary herbal products can help you
gain greater benefit.


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